Friday, January 30, 2009

Gun buyback program coming to Queens

From NY1:

The Queens district attorney says while overall crime in the borough is down, homicides are up. There were 95 last year, 23 more than the year before.

District Attorney Richard Brown says that's not a high number given the size of the borough, but any increase is still troubling. In response, he will announce on Friday a Queens Gun Buyback Program – the first ever in the borough.

The DA says he's working on the details with the New York City Police Department, elected officials, and local clergy. The buyback program would allow people to turn in illegal guns to churches in exchange for $200.


Anonymous said...

The buyback program would allow people to turn in illegal guns to churches in exchange for $200.

This is only a LITTLE ridiculous. How many churches are equipped to properly accept and store firearms? Where would they put the guns and ammo, to the right of the wine and just behind the communion wafers?

Also, what if I don't go to a church, but say I'm a member of the "religion of peace". Would I go to the local mosque and hand over my AK-47 to Sheikh Yerbouti? He'd probably say: "Brother, we already have enough of these in the back room, you keep it!"

Anonymous said...

Most owners of illegal guns paid at least double the figure being discussed by shrimp Brown when they
first bought them on the streets!

Anonymous said...

This is only a drop in the bucket as far as getting guns off the street. What's $200? The thugs with their guns can actually use them to rob much more than that. Get real Mr. Brown.

Anonymous said...

So we are going to pay the criminals to turn in their guns, so they don't use those guns to rob people? Sounds like the city is paying criminals protection money.

Anonymous said...

Many decent people have guns that they got when a deceased hunter-relative died. This would be an excellent opportunity to safely dispose of an unwanted gun without having to look like a stick-up man going into a police station.

Anonymous said...

Wade Nichols,
Your stupidity knows no bounds. What's "ridiculous" and not just a LITTLE, is that you think this program means that ANY church will accept the surrender of a firearm in the Donation Box. No, my dense friend, the Buy Back Program will be scheduled on specific days and at specific locations with NYPD law enforcement present to accept the firearms. So you won't be handing your MAC-10 to Head Mother Mary Ethel at St. Aloysius.

And before you start with the stereotyping of Muslims, try not to look like an idiot beforehand, because it lessons the impact.