Thursday, January 29, 2009

Examining North Flushing crap

These three are located in North Flushing.

If you explore the ones in Flushing you will see either the driveway is too narrow (like seriously what's the point of the garage?), the home is just really out of place, or it's just simply atrocious to stare at.

A 3-family dwelling? What the heck?


Hopefully, help is on the way.


Anonymous said...

That first photo looks like the old sanitarium wards on North Brother Island. ---The one next to the morgue

Anonymous said...

The first "house" is right near Bowne Park and is on a thin piece of land. It looks really weird.

The second house speaks for itself. Don't you just love the balcony?

The third house is on Utopia Pkwy and is supposed to be a three family but I saw four meters on the side of the house. Hmmmmm. I cringed when a builder tore down the one-family two houses down. They put a two-family instead. It's for sale now. What's the difference? The block is ruined anyway.

Queens Crapper said...

Oh well that's the cute thing about the multifamily houses - the builder has to put an extra meter in for the landlord because he is supposed to pay all the utilities for the hallways, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully, help is on the way."

Of course, the rezoning is welcome and long overdue. But it's a little late. The damage is done.

Anonymous said...

"The damage is done..."

Do you even live near there?

There's thousands of great houses (constituting a large majority of the homes there) remaining.
There's enough in B'dwy/Flushing alone for their (excellent) civic to go for landmark-district status.

Granted, the rezoning should have been done yrs ago to help save the damage, but better now than never and it will hep protect the great stuff left there.

What did Forrest Gump say about stupid... ?

Anonymous said...

italian girl isn't wrong, and I understand COMPLETELY what she's saying--come to my neck of the woods on Main and Jewel, and while you're at it, hit 147th street--it's a train wreck in the making. Rezoning is YEARS late in my area, and hopefully it will stop the madness, but there's a 3 family GREY BRICK MONSTROSITY that looks like a prison ward in the middle of a hodge podge line of homes up the street from me--it's getting to be that there's not much left in some of these areas left to preserve.


Anonymous said...

"There's thousands of great houses (constituting a large majority of the homes there) remaining.
There's enough in B'dwy/Flushing alone for their (excellent) civic to go for landmark-district status."

So, some crap trickled in. What's the big deal, right? Wrong. The community has been begging for this rezoning for YEARS. And the city closed their eyes and ears. Some streets in that area are forever changed and not for the better.

Broadway/Flushing has gone after landmark status. The city doesn't care about that either. And you should see some of the crap that was recently built there. Crappy even highlighted one of them a while ago.

Anonymous said...

The Narrow driveway is probably like the narrow drive on my parent's 90 YO house in flushing north - they probably have "right of way" on the walk next door (my parents driveway has like 30 inches that actyally is the "side door walkway" for the house next door - it's a right of way

Besides, who parks a car in the garage - that's where the lawn mower, tools, etc are