Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Parks nixes Fort Totten fueling station

From Bay Terrace Cafe:

Customers of the Cafe were pleased to learn that NYC Parks & Recreation has decided an on-site CNG fueling station in Fort Totten is not necessary. According to Queens Parks Commissioner Lewandowski, the Fort Totten tram will fuel at Park’s fueling site in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. It’s possible that community pressure had a lot to do with DPR’s determination.


Anonymous said...

What "brilliant" forethought
went into planning a tram system that has to be refueled miles away from where it runs....duh!!!

Wadda ya think Beep Marshal?

Has anyone access
to this woman's IQ score?

She appears to be as dumb
as a post!

Then again the ability to follow clubhouse (and developers') orders outweighs any intelligence requirements for Queens pols!

Anonymous said...

yeah, this is a real dumb move. half the cost of fuel will be spent in just getting to and from the fueling station.

Anonymous said...

Hook up that vehicle to Ann Jawin
and you'll get all the gas you need every time it needs to be refilled
without traveling very far!