Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Will the Walentas get their way?


A controversial plan to build an apartment tower right next to the Brooklyn Bridge is gaining momentum after years of stalling.

Despite civic outcry over blocking the iconic view, Brooklyn's Community Board 2 last week voted to support father-son developers David and Jed Walentas' 18-story DUMBO complex.

Their firm, Two Trees, has sought approval for the $200 million project since 2005 and last year offered to include a public middle school in hope of swaying city officials.

Critics point out that while a school could be built elsewhere, losing the view would be permanent.

The plan must survive a land-use review process involving Borough President Marty Markowitz, the City Planning Commission and the City Council.

Markowitz, who'll hold a hearing on Jan. 27, declined to comment.

The area's councilman, David Yassky, opposes the plan.

The NY Times has more.


Anonymous said...

Markowitz will back Two Trees. Full tilt.He's bought & paid for by the developers.

Anonymous said...

What happened at the CB?

What losers.