Sunday, January 25, 2009

Architects want in on community boards

From the NY Times:

Ms. Perlmutter is...the public director of the American Institute of Architects’ New York chapter, which is encouraging its members to apply to join their local community boards before the Manhattan deadline for applications at the end of this month. On Friday the group sponsored a breakfast to answer questions from prospective applicants and help them fill out their applications. About 30 architects attended, and most said they planned to apply.

The goal is to bring more architectural expertise to the boards, which consider matters of development, land use and zoning.

No, the goal is to fill the boards with the developer-friendly so overdevelopment in the city can continue (see Queens Community Board 1). Or we can just eliminate the boards all together and not let the community have a say at all.

P.S. Perlmutter is also an LPC commissioner.


Anonymous said...

i want to hear a comment about this from the preservation community.

Anonymous said...

That is easy ol ezrie.

The are slick and understand everything and have a vested interest in continueing the Cult of Development.

The civilians on the community board will be well meaning and totally outclassed.

You will hear only those, through accident or design, who will sing the party line.

Anonymous said...

Are you out of your mind? Architects are responsible for performing self-certifications on properties they worked on to pass them through DOB. Most of these are now a problem - mostly illegal issues that a developer stands to gain from in attracting buyers you don't know what is legal in a dwelling.

Anonymous said...

From the article:

"Community boards can only benefit from additional expertise, added Simeon Bankoff, executive director of the Historic Districts Council, a preservation group. Still, he pointed out, certain developers tend to work with certain architects. “And,” he said, “some of the more egregious new developments in the city over the last real estate cycle have been due to architects’ particular readings of the zoning regulations.”

Anonymous said...

But of course Ms. Perlmutter
sits on the Bloomberg controlled NYCLPC! Wasn't that the plan?

Between those LPC lazy partners in crime and our emasculated "preservation" community....
the destruction of Queens'
landmark worthy sites can now proceed at an escalated pace!

Now architects want to lay siege to
community boreds.

Can it get any worse?

You bet it can as long as those slow moving slugs in our borough's various "hysterical societies" aid and abet these atrocities by remaining silent.

Anonymous said...

the "preservation' community has already spoken:

"We can't make any waves...
need to continue getting funded, particularly during these economic hard times".

"Here Fido jump for your grant",
says Borough Hall!