Friday, January 30, 2009

Settling for pedestals for now

From the Daily News:

A pair of gigantic space-holding pedestals could appear at Ground Zero as temporary stand-ins for two of the site's long-planned signature skyscrapers, officials disclosed Thursday.

The broad-shouldered pedestals - facing each other along Church Street - could possibly house world-class retail shops if officials delayed additional construction during the economic downturn.

Each could be engineered to permit later construction of the immense towers planned by World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein for the 16-acre site.

The pedestals are essentially handsome and ultra-expensive stumps for the future buildings. They could serve as a stop-gap measure until the hobbled economy recovers and private construction financing becomes available again for the twin mega-projects.

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Anonymous said...

Build a scaffold on one of these for Silverstein and a pillory on the other where you can put crooked politicos and arrogant Wall Street CEOs in the stocks!