Monday, January 26, 2009


Councilman Tony Avella and staff from St. John's Queens and Mary Immaculate Hospitals will hold a press conference tomorrow at City Hall at 12 noon. The following is footage from Saturday's rally at St. John's:


Myrna Bailey, Administrative Director of Clinical Services

Councilman Tony Avella

State Senator Shirley Huntley

Assemblyman Michael DenDekker

Comptroller William Thompson

Assemblywoman Marge Markey

State Senator Toby Stavisky

Dr. John Denton, Director of Medical Education

Videos by nutrichris on YouTube.

So I can't help but wonder as I look at these videos and yesterday's photos:

- Where was Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum? Early retirement?

- Where were Public Advocate candidates and current council members Eric Gioia and John Liu? Both represent Queens but apparently only "certain" people.

- Where was Borough President Helen Marshall who made a point about keeping these hospitals open during her State of the Borough speech? When you have no primary or general election opposition to worry about, this is what happens, I guess.

- Where were Community Affairs Unit Commissioner Nazli Parvizi and Queens Community Affairs Unit Director Jennifer Manley? Harassing another community group somewhere?

- Where was City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden? Trying to figure out how many condos can be squeezed into this space after the hospital closes?

- Where was Councilwoman Melinda Katz, whose district utilizes this hospital? Hosting a fundraiser for developers with eyes on this property?

- Two mayoral candidates showed up and a third sent a representative. Where was Mayor Bloomberg? Keeping his ass warm in Bermuda?

Shame on all of you.


Anonymous said...

How about Hiram Monserrate, was he there?

Oh, I forgot. O.J. Simpson hired Monserrate to find the killers of Nicole Brown, seeing as how O.J. can't do it himself, now that he's off the golf course and in the big house.

Anonymous said...

Did Marge Markey think she was at another Cond openning?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to warm "hizzoner's" ass
during his brief winter hiatus in Bermuda with a nice red hot poker fresh from the barbecue
(ha, ha, ha)!

Then again he might like it!

Never mind all that cover up stuff about his having a female mistress on the payroll!

Come out, come out,
wherever your are Mayor Mike!

That whining voice of yours
gives away your secret identity!

Anonymous said...

Reich's Chancellor Bloomberg gives tax benefits to builders while he penalizes the poor already under served neighborhoods by closing firehouses, cutting police precinct staff and now closing down hospitals!

An elitist, racist right on our own doorstep!

Anonymous said...

What about Addabbo and Crowley? Addabbo has been around since '01 as a councilman. his new constituents use that hospital.

Anonymous said...

All the press told me that the Bloomberg Administration were the smartest, brightest and only people who could save us from total crisis. So let us see: St. John's closing, Mary Immac closing, Ridgewood firehouse closing at night (because there are no fires at night right?), unable to pay our increasing interest on our dept, highest tax increases in NYC history and we still have a deficit. Seems to me that they have failed us. It is time for a new administration and a new Mayor.

Anonymous said...

If both hospitals remain open, it cannot be business as usual. They both need to find their identities in an ever increasing healthcare and financial crisis. No entity, including the DOH can continue to provide funding with monthly losses totaling $5 million. The hospital or the state should appoint physician leaders, nurses, and administrators who can plot out a vision for the hospital. The good old boy network of physicians, like Dr. Denton should be terminated to allow physicians who have a vested interest in the community. These physician leaders could develop innovative healthcare strategies within the hospital that would allow the hospital become profitable and regain its reputation in the community as a top-rated provider of care in the community.

If there are no drastic changes made the hospitals will continue to fail....

Anonymous said...

Sorry, all the reorganizing in the world isn't going to help 2 hospitals who treat indigent populations that don't pay a dime for the services they receive. If you want better healthcare in NYC, start by advocating against the mayor's asinine sanctuary city policy.

Anonymous said...

you go tony your the only one for the people the other just want money

Anonymous said...

Let the federal government bail out the hospital system. The feds are not enforcing our immigration laws and allowing all the illegals in, who in turn, get free services, while the taxpayer pays. Let the feds pay to keep our hospitals open. Tell the local governments to change their Sanctuary City status and the hospitals will have plenty of money.

Anonymous said...

Right! but who will fight for the medicaid community? And has anyone seen Sanford Rubenstein or will he appear as the ambulances are forbidden to go to these hospitals?

Anonymous said...

Where is Elizabeth Crowley? I heard she was there but why no video of her?

Anonymous said...

liz crowley was there and actually did a nice job addressing what was probably the largest crowd she has seen since taking office.

Anonymous said...

REP Joe Crowley was brought into office by the citizens in the Hospital neighborhood. We never see him since he became US Rep. - he sticks to the Bronx which folks pull the levers in the same column when bought groceries.

Queens Crapper said...

Elizabeth Crowley's clips are available via the link provided.

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella actually cares and is a humanitarian.He spoke out against the horse carriages that are banned in 20 other cities in the U.S.In the last 10 years theres been over 19 horses hit by cars,cabs,and spooked by car noise as well as emergency trucks,and Avella has spoken out about this while Bloomberg is in favor of it because he knows not or cares of the bad accidents\enviroments for the horses.As long as it brings the tourists dollar bloomie is all for it.
Meanwhile Queens suffers vital services closing for some dumb reason and we still havent seen bloomie cut his staff pay?

Anonymous said...

A Rally will be held this coming Saturday at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Jamaica at 11:00 a.m.

152-11 89th Avenue