Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still counting in 11th Senate District race

From the Daily News:

City Board of Elections commissioners voted unanimously today to reverse their December decision and allow disputed paper ballots to be counted in the yet-undecided 11th SD race, signaling the beginning of the end of what has been an extremely contentious and drawn-out process.

Depending on how long the count takes - and there have been conflicting reports as to exactly how many ballots are out there, but it's somewhere between 1,700 and 2,700 - this contest could be a contender for the title of longest-running undecided legislative race in modern history.

Observers and operatives on both sides of the aisle have been more or less in agreement (at least privately) that Padavan is going to be declared the winner.


Anonymous said...

Genarro, YOU LOST. Time for you to go away now. Maybe you could get a job as as a pimp with that hat you always wear.

Kevin Walsh said...

Courts are now careful to have every vote counted after the 2000 situation. It looks like that clown Stewart Smalley will be seated in the Senate with about a 100 vote victory.

In cases like this, and Bush-Gore and Franken-Coleman, where there is essentially a tie, there should simply be a runoff. Might mean amending state or fed constitutions though.

Anonymous said...

"Courts are now careful to have every vote counted after the 2000 situation."

The devil is not in the counting, only in HOW they are counted.

I think a runoff though is just another crapshoot that could give rise to the same problems.

I don't think runoffs are particularly fair either. While other officials are being elected on the state of facts on one particular day, folks voting in the runoff are voting on the state of facts on a different day. An election should capture the opinion of the moment of a small slice in time.

I think the better answer is to take ballot decisions out of the hands of county officials and have them governed by the state. Voting should be done by computer. No more friggin paper ballots. I saw some of the Franken ballots and couldnt believe some of the decisions made by the Minn Bd of Elections (or Canvassers, or whoever the flip they were).

'Counting every vote' on these paper ballots is bs. If the voters intent cant be easily discerned it should be bonfire food. The more difficult it is to interpret, the less reliable it is.

Anonymous said...

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Frank is top dog here and always has been because he delivers for
THE DEVELOPERS which has been you're proven track record.

Ya lost fella...give it up!

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Anonymous said...

Gennaro = Slimeball

georgetheatheist said...

Italian "Girl" = Pipsqueak

Anonymous said...

george the "atheist" = deranged maniac


Anonymous said...

Padavan doesn't deliver for his constituents, he delivers for HIMSELF. That's why he kept an office budget costing taxpayers OVER $1 MILLION per year (look it up; was reported in Daily News, too) while the state's budget spiraled into crisis. Please, let's get these fat, selfish tax-and-spend NY Republicans out of here.

Anonymous said...

Take a hike, Gennaro. You're done.

Anonymous said...

You must live on Mars which is, indeed, out of Padavan's district or one of Jimmy "the gent" Genarro's soldieri.

You don't know what WTF
you're talking about.

Everybody else seems to like the fine job Frank has done otherwise he wouldn't have been re-elected to office all these years.

Now go and blow some snot rockets or whatever else you do to keep yourself dumb "A" hole!

Anonymous said...

Padavan maintains 2 district offices (1 in Bellerose, and 1 in Whitestone), so it's not surprising that his offices expenses are high. Every time I've contacted one of the offices, I've gotten results immediately, so he obviously hired enough competent staff, too. Goodbye, Jim Genarro.