Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bay Terrace multi-house blaze

Fire Engulfs Homes in Queens from Fox 5

NEW YORK CITY - Firefighters fought a fast- moving fire that tore through some houses in Bay Terrace, Queens, Friday night. The fire went to three alarms, authorities said.

SkyFoxHD was over the scene, where firefighters battled the flames while engulfed in thick smoke. The fire spread quickly from one house to another.

The homes are near the Clearview Golf Course and the Clearview Expressway.


georgetheatheist said...

Aren't firewalls supposed to work?

Anonymous said...

Not with the shoddy construction some of these low life developers employ!

Now that these low rise structures have been cleared, high rise development might begin!

Either that or somebody's home was worth less now than the outstanding mortgage and the insurance company
bails out the homeowner.

More to come during these ensuing
economic hard times!

let's wait for the fire marshal's report.

Anonymous said...

Aren't firewalls supposed to work?
Not when the attics and crawl space has been cut out to install mattresses, TV's, hot plates and electric heaters.
The fire then goes around them and drafts its own air like turbo charger.

The landlords love when there tenants sub least to uncle Juan and his 3 extended familys.

They know the place is gonna burn down and become a million dollar lot.
These 3rd world people dont understand electricity, loads, amps, wire gauge. The just daisey chain $2 extention cords from the 99 cent store.

This goes on all over, its real tuff for an inspector to get into a house to "proove it" before a place burns down.

Warrents ?
Forget warrents. The Judges are told to "lay off" by the mayor's whos mob views these people as the new voting base

Anonymous said...

"The landlords love when there tenants sub least to uncle Juan and his 3 extended families."

In Bay Terrace...I don tink so senior.

What probably happened here is what usually happens to stick houses that were built before modern electrical systems were properly accommodated.

Half-assed DIY electrical work.

Most of these old dumps should be given rigorous inspections and either -all- violations corrected or razed and replaced.

Sprinklers should be required in all wood framed homes.

I lent down payment money to two friends for 2 family houses in Sunnyside and Woodhaven -both had horrendous wiring, one place had lamp wire in-wall in two rooms.

BTW: that house went for $365K in 2001 and fixing it has cost the owner another 18K since.

You are literally taking your life in your hands if you buy an attached house, especially an older one.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it amazing all your assumptions.

This was in Baybridge. The Condos by the Throgs Neck Bridge. Not shoddy construction. Not illegal tenants. A fire that hit multiple units because it is townhouses.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy...I watched those "Baybridge" townhouses go up!

I did some time in the construction business.

They're crap foisted upon wealthier
elders as "luxury" dwellings!

Overpriced barracks is what they are!