Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cheyenne slowly makes its way to Alabama

From the Daily News:

The Cheyenne Diner's famed neon sign was lifted onto a flatbed truck on Sunday - its first step in a cross-country trek toward Alabama.

Neighbors and tourists gathered at the corner of 33rd St. and Ninth Ave. to watch as the once-glowing beacon was unbolted from the iconic Manhattan diner. The sign will be stored in a Brooklyn warehouse before it - and the oft-photographed railroad-car style diner it adorned - head south to Birmingham.

"Sorry to see it go. I just wanted to say goodbye," said Andrea Kleiman, 43, a Manhattan dog-walker.

A nine-story condo is slated to go up on the site.


Anonymous said...

Bye bye diner with character.
Just what Manhattan needs!More condos and yuppie baby clothing stores.

Anonymous said...

Another "success" story!

A familiar landmark (small "l")
is removed from NYC.

Out of sight... out of mind.

Alabama benefits...not us!

Let the "preservation" community begin the celebration!

Pass the whine & cheese
(Merlot and Limburger).

Pardon me while I fart with enthusiastic glee!

Anonymous said...

It may be small in size, but big in our hearts. We wish the new owners luck. NYC was slow in keeping it local.