Friday, January 30, 2009

Hiram spends a mint to rehab his image

From the NY Observer:

State Senator Hiram Monserrate brought his elections filings up to date, and records show he paid $15,000 to a reputation management firm two weeks after he was accused of assaulting his girlfriend.

That was $15,000 down the drain, Hiram, because everyone still thinks you're a Pig with a capital P. Even that baby is pushing away from you.


Anonymous said...

Monserrate can pay $150,000 to the best Madison Avenue spin meister if he wants to, but you still can't polish a turd no matter what the price.

Yes, that baby looks terrified. As they say, children and pets are the best judges of character.

Anonymous said...

you still can't polish a turd no matter what the price.

ok Wade, gotta hand it to you - you made my day with that little gem.

Anonymous said...

A sleaze bag who cuts up on his girlfriend shouldn't be trusted near a baby even for a photo op!

Imagine the, as yet undiscovered,
ways he's already screwed his constituents!

Throw this crude pig into the brig where he belongs!

I'll bet there are a lot of Marines out there who'd like to drag him into some dark alley and whoop his ass good for shaming them!

Anonymous said...

Here's an easy, inexpensive test for the management of this "Reputation Management" outfit:

Leave your wife, daughter, sister, mother, etc. alone in a room with a drunken Monster Rat.

Won't take the test? That just proves that you and the rat are a bunch of liars!

Anonymous said...


I think he is more of a "I like to rough up my own woman" kind of guy.

Anonymous said...

I do like the arrogance of the clubhouse.

Drop this stinker in the middle of the state capital and no one will say a thing.

They can rub shoulders with this rat knowing that he will not taint the lot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah in Albany he'll blend in just fine with riff-raff like Tobi
"the dynastic dog faced lady" that escaped from an old Coney Island
side show!

Lord protect and defend us from
the whims of politicians!