Wednesday, January 21, 2009

City sends out bogus letters about bogus parking tickets

The city sent a mysterious and confusing letter to people who were fighting parking tickets. Fox 5's John Deutzman explains how the letter could trick anyone into paying a fine instead of continuing their fight -- even for tickets that are easy to beat. Watch this Fox 5 exclusive.

Fox 5 Investigates: Confusing Ticket Letter

The inspiration for this report was a ticket issued in Astoria.


Anonymous said...

Why such concern for law-breakers? I say ticket and tow even more. Enough of these free-loaders!

Kevin Walsh said...

Deutzman is one of the few reporters I like, along with Fred Dicker.

Anonymous said...

"Why such concern for law-breakers?"

The ticket in question was fraudulently written and was proved as such by the judge and in the report. Maybe when this happens to you, you'll change your tune.

Anonymous said...

Another deliberate fraud by Commissar Death and Taxes.

Proof? How will be punish the Commissioner of Finance Martha Stark?

He won't. He'd much rather savage ordinary citizens than manage the NY city agencies. He's actually afraid of what these people will reveal if they are ever punished.

Anonymous said...

The traffic cops are evil incarnate.
Send them to afghanistan and iraq and that war would end QUICK!

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Deutzman. You want a career in "ambush" journalism? Look where it got Arnold Diaz.