Saturday, January 31, 2009

But the City has money for this?

From Brownstoner:

Public records show that the city has taken title to nine properties through the process of eminent domain. The properties include 392, 402, 404, 406, 416, and 418 Albee Square as well as 223, 225 and 229 Duffield Street...As for the city's plans for the project, the RFP process for both the landscape design of the 1.25-acre park and the development of the 700-car underground parking garage have been completed but the contracts have not been awarded or announced yet.

So land acquisition for a 1.2-acre park that sits 6 blocks from Cadman Plaza and 6 blocks from Fort Greene Park so far has cost the City more than $40M, and they've only just begun? (However, we have no money for this park or this park.) And aren't we also just a little eminent domain crazy down at City Hall?


Cahya said...

That's an interesting article and good picture.

Anonymous said...

New York City and State government employees of Metro tech and surrounds got exactly what they wanted, free indoor parking for 700 cars, built with tax payer money.

No problem here, business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Why no park for Maspeth taxpayers on the site of Saint Saviour's?

Could it be no demand for underground parking for 700 cars?

Once again, the Commissar goes to bat for the wealthy developer whose underground garage will encroach on much of the surface "park". The "park" is the excuse, not the reason.

Calculate the annual revenue for parking 700+ (there will be space for 700 cars, but perhaps twice that will use the garage daily).

Someone stands to earn more than $3 million annually from the Commissar's seizure of the private property.

Do you still believe your home is safe from this marauding, thieving Commissar?

Anonymous said...

The Dept. of City Planing's long term (covert) plan has been to oust the poor and people of color from neighborhoods that can be redeveloped for the wealthy classes in NYC.

Though Bloomberg & Co. will never admit to this, I'm sure that in some back room and secret compartment
the blueprints (going back decades) do exist!

Anonymous said...

St. Saviour's wasn't on Bloomberg's radar because he accepted it as being a red lined neighborhood to be trod and tramped upon by foreign developers who have no interest in history only the $$$$$ that fill their pockets....
a percentage of which gets kicked back to local pols in exchange for their continued rape of Maspeth.

Hey...did somebody mention rape or rapists?

Hello "Pinky" your "urges" and drinking under control yet?

See ya in HELL someday
for what you did!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer money is already going to store St $aviour's.
No Taxpayer money should go to any church building.
As for a park , yes we need a dog park.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer money goes to churches all the time. St. Saviour's would be a community center and museum, not a church.

Anonymous said...

It's been de-sanctified and hasn't been used as a church for years...
you dope!

It also happens to be a very important historic building
as everybody well knows.

Now go and pour yourself another drink ( it "Pinky")?

Or run a "granny porn" flick.

You need something to wake yourself up!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer money is already going to store St $aviour's.

Yea, glad you brought that up. SIX FIGURES just to dismantle and store it.

What a waste.... what a ... scandle?

Queens Crapper said...

The scandal was that it wasn't landmarked and turned into a park in the first place, since the city has said both a community center and park are needed in that area. Yet we have $400M for property acquisition at Willets Point.

Anonymous said...

Go and get a new life already "Pinky".

You've certainly left your old one
in shambles!

What do corrupt former council member/rapists amuse themselves with
after they've taken such a fall anyway?

Anonymous said...

I heard he's going to rent a room in Como's basement!

has turned into a chubby chaser!