Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stavisky gets Koo thrown off ballot

A judge has ruled that Republican state Senate candidate Peter Koo is ineligible to run in Queens this fall - jeopardizing his upstart challenge to Democratic state Sen. Toby Stavisky.

The misstep led the incumbent's camp to call Koo's run a "sham," while Koo's camp vowed to fight the "dirty trick."

Stavisky challenged Koo's residency in Queens Supreme Court, charging that Koo, a respected Flushing businessman, actually lives on Long Island.

Koo admitted he still owns a home in Port Washington, L.I., but said he has been living in a condo on 41st Ave. in Flushing since January 2007.

But Justice James Dollard tossed Koo off the ballot in the 16th Senate District because Koo was only able to prove only that he has lived there since April.

State law requires a Senate candidate to live in the county in which they are running for one year prior to the election - in Koo's case, this November.

Stavisky's camp was quick to declare victory yesterday.

"Peter Koo's candidacy is a sham," crowed Stavisky spokesman Joe Reubens.

Koo, who was cross-endorsed by the Conservative and Independence parties, was appealing the decision yesterday, said spokesman Oliver Tan.

"This is just a dirty trick that the Stavisky campaign is playing," Tan said. "They want to take the vote away from the voters and put this election in the hands of the court."

Judge rules against GOP hopeful Koo in Senate bid; L.I. residency a no-no

Hey, look at it this way. This will energize Koo's base to propel him to victory in the next contest. It also shows you how very afraid Toby is of him.


Anonymous said...

I heard Evan had Koo followed. That's how sick and scared mama is.

Anonymous said...

It will be easy to use the write in to elect PETER KOO.

You are voting for your representative. Stavisky is just looking to keep the money flowing while he screws everybody.

Did he have to pay the judge for the decision, or did the judge throw the case as a favor to be repaid later?

Anonymous said...

Peter Koo, Phil Ragusa, Frank Padavan and the rest of the "let's play dirty" republican cohorts are responsible for Peter Koo being thrown off the ballot; no one else.

Since it was Peter Koo who was trying to make an illegal run for the state senate why are the Stavisky's being accused of dirty tricks? Going to court is a legitimate and transparent process. Knowingly creating a false residence is a blatant attempt to steal an election.

Another writer has suggested write-in votes for Peter "I'm illegitimate" Koo. Fortunately for all of us, no matter what your party affiliation, that won't work. Illegal is illegal.


Anonymous said...

A Crowley Appointed Judge dismisses a Republican Candidates Run Against a "Machine" Incumbent. And we're surprised??!!

Anonymous said...

If you try to run against Stavisky in the Democratic primary, you will lose before the primary.

If you try to run against Stavisky in the general election, you will lose before the election takes place. That's what happened to Peter Koo.

I hoep that Koo appeals this partisan decision, and gives the people a choice this coming November.

Anonymous said...

Frank Padavan, Phil Ragusa, Anthony Como and Peter Koo - Birds of a feather, flock together. It looks as if Peter Koo got his wings clipped while flying around Port Washington.

How do you spell "Carpet Bagger?"

Anonymous said...

So why is it ok for people on communities boards to represent and make decisions for their neighbors when they don't live in the neighborhood, but not for an elected official? And why is it that this rule doesn't apply to councilmembers, either?

Anonymous said...

How do you spell "Carpet Bagger?"


(or older var)


both darlings of the machine.

Next question?

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I get this right. A machine appointed judge notices that something's not kosher in the Bronx, but looks the other way. In Queens, a machine appointed judge says the candidate answered the questions correctly but he threw him off anyway.

Will someone please investigate Joe Crowley already?

Anonymous said...

Another reason why the FBI must investigate Queens politics.

Anonymous said...

We don't need anymore Republican businessmen in office. They did enough damage to our State and Country.

Anonymous said...

Memo to Machine:

You still have the clueless old ladies (they will be gone in 10 years tops).

You have a handfull of the newly tweeded (all ready to move out to greener pastures first chance they get - you know, no such thing as a dumb peasent in this century).

You have the TA-kayack set - (ditto)

Hmmmmm. Just how many people can you piss off and still have any cred?

Anonymous said...

To paraphase the street:

" he might be a niga, but he aint our niga."

Anonymous said...

Koo is a Republican and a businessman - so f*&ching what! He's a classic LEGAL immigrant's success story - he should hold office! Screw the Dem machine!

Anonymous said...

The Staviskys were said to have maintained a residence (that their son Evan allegedly occupied?) in (was it?) Mitchell Gardens or Linden Hill (?) just to qualify being in the district where they held office but actually lived elsewhere?


It appears they got away with
the same they're accusing Koo of
now doing for years with the Dem/machine clubhouse's help!

I guess somebody
just bought themselves a
judge (as usual)to kick Koo
out of the box!

You can't rule forever Toby.

The dynasty will eventually come to its natural end because Evan can't be depended upon to even wipe his own ass without big mamma's help!

Anonymous said...

View the old Frank Capra film,
"Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"
and see some Stavisky brand
of sick political chicanery in action !

Some of Leonard's people were said to have once stolen those freebie weekly newspapers off the racks in the early 80s because the Staviskys were criticized in one of their articles!

That fat hen is capable of anything
to protect her golden eggs!

Anonymous said...

Koo should have the Stavisky's followed, just for the sport of it.

BTW, has anyone ever been in Toby's or Lenny's NY Senate District office?

Anonymous said...

Senator Stavisky has an co op in manhattan everyone knows that. That is where she lives

Anonymous said...

Please call the Koo campaign to confirm what I've been told - that they won the appeal and Koo will be on the ballot!

Anonymous said...

No shit...a coop in Manhattan?

So that's where the old hen parks her wide load!

Moving up in the world.

Which one of the developers who
gave her $$$$$$ owns it?

Maybe the FBI should be informed of this.

Anonymous said...

Somebody once said of hubby,
"Leonard will do what he's told".

What in the hell did that rumored statement mean?