Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's safe to go back in the water

Shark tale shuts Rockaways beach
BY Simone Weichselbaum

Part of Rockaway Beach is expected to reopen today after an unconfirmed shark sighting, city officials said.

Parks officials quickly deemed parts of the beach off-limits Monday after fishermen reported a shark sighting off the shore.

Officials hustled swimmers out of the water between Beach Ninth and Beach 18th Sts. about 3 p.m. The beach remained closed for the rest of the day, said Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe.

Benepe said because authorities could not spot the shark - estimated at 10 feet long - the report was unconfirmed.

Still, police and lifeguards continued to keep an eye out for sharks all evening, Benepe said.

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Anonymous said...

I am NEVER going to the beach again! Drownings, sharks.....no way. Too scary.