Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coverage of the Pasta Lovers protest

In mid-July, the agency issued a stop-work order, along with at least nine building code violations.

"The developers, we feel, have no interest in working with this community or even being a part of it and have no interest in assuring that Kew Gardens remains a great place to live," Dauphin told the protestors. "They only want a profit and to continue what has become the overdevelopment of Queens."

Crane accidents and concerns about damage by the construction to their 50-year-old structure is also on the minds of the residents of the 134-unit building, Fraenkel said.

Kew Gardens neighborhood protests 21 story planned hotel

The planned tower is allowed under present zoning, but that doesn't mean it's appropriate, said City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside).

"The zoning for this particular site is wrong. The zoning should be changed to better reflect the character of the neighborhood and the traffic patterns that are here," Avella said.

"This neighborhood cannot handle that much more congestion, traffic, pollution."


Anonymous said...

I work for subcontractor under Tishman and their site safety guy Willie at 123 Washington Street NYC - cant even figure out if a injured worker can get Work Comp treatment from a dentist-(nor does he even give a damn - usuually hiding out when an injury occurs) let alone if the job site is safe and secure. I dont blame them for not wanting cranes around their children- I would take my kids out of that school until the construction was over - Just not worth the it - the damage these monster cranes can inflict is tremendous - when they fall, they cut thru the steel like a hot knife thru butter.

Anonymous said...

Should have built it in Astoria.

Those morons can't even address real concerns as their community goes down the tubes.

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The problem of the bearer of bad news is ... the bearer of bad news for speaking the truth.

So go ahead, boys, build 'em high in the wild west!