Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trip to Hart Island

Here's a "staycation" (God, do I hate that word) that most people haven't tried unless they were destitute and dead. Great photos of a little known corner of the city, though, courtesy of Kingston Lounge.


georgetheatheist said...

Beautiful eye-opening photos. Beautiful quote too. ("Great architecture has only two natural enemies: water, and stupid men.")

Anonymous said...

Those pictures were amazing.

Anonymous said...

There are tons of historic buildings on the various city islands that are falling apart.

Anonymous said...

Thats an amazing place !
There is a forgotten city up there !
The person that took those images must work for the Dept of Corrections or got lottery on a rare private to they do every couple years..

Pre 9-11 we would go in there by small rubber boat and 6 HP motor we could cover, also North Brother Island.

Now days you cant go near either of them. The RADAR and FLIR from LGA airport picks you up and the cops or Coast Guard get you with Dogs, helicopters, boats that can go over 60MPH on the water.
--There is noplace to hide

Waiting to be arraigned at Rikers (1-2 day backlog)makes DMV look like McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

I want to visit hart island - how can i do that?

Anonymous said...

contact ny corrections history historical society:

they sometimes have tours.

Richard Nickel, Jr. said...

Thanks for the feedback, all! :)

And in order to obtain permission to be on the island legally, you must contact the department of corrections; they currently own the island.

Anonymous said...

Hart Island belongs to the New York City tax payers who have every right to visit. There is no written policy regarding visitation.