Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is this "art" too ugly and damaging to continue?

Brownstoner reports that the Brooklyn Heights Association is calling for the Waterfalls under the Brooklyn Bridge to be shut off:

Salt-soaked spray from the falls has been damaging and possibly even killing trees caught in their mist; the spray has also damaged cars parked by the River Café. Those calling for the faucet to be turned off swear their objection isn't aesthetic, although the Brooklyn Paper noted that the falls, by the BQE, Brooklyn Bridge, Pier 35 in Manhattan and along the FDR, were supposed to be viewable from many Brooklyn spots. Instead, they say, they look "more like a giant Erector Set from the borough’s shores."

Here's more from the Daily News.


Anonymous said...

This is a parody of a waterfall.

Anonymous said...

The mist also stinks like high heaven on certain days depending on tide and rain runoff !

Whos dumb idea was this (some dope smoking idiot from Europe?) and who granted the permit.

Anonymous said...

Remember, this is from Bloomberg, the man who gave us that absolutely scintillating piece of pubic (um, sorry, "public") art, The Gates, a.k.a., shower curtains on a pole.

Who among us can forget the talent of Christo, an "artist" whose previous work killed a woman?

So Mayor Mike's record on murderous public art is rather clear.

Unknown said...

The dogs of Brooklyn bark. The city moves on.

Anonymous said...

This is so monotonous a theme, it is by far distinctive art, and merely art. Also, it detracts from the beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge. It has also caused priceless damage to healthy trees, the waterfall should be shut off and removed at once. No ifs, buts, or maybes.

Anonymous said...

Much of this city's public art is meaningless, and some is manufactured from poor materials that weather pretty fast.

georgetheatheist said...

It's all part of "Fun City". (Thanks John V. Lindsay)

Anonymous said...

Colorful graffiti murals have more artistic qualities than these faux-waterfalls. I'd rather see the splashes of color at 5 Pointz in LIC than stare at these elitist pieces of crap. Brooklyn Bridge is more beautiful without the waterfalls.

Anonymous said...

I saw the steel skeletons and thought the bridge was under repair.

Anonymous said...

This is not art.

Anonymous said...

$15 Million dollars for this temparary garbage not including the electric and damage bill.

The city could have cleaned up, sandblasted and painted, re-stored the lighting the NYC Pavilion for all to see.

This is a dam shame !!

Anonymous said...

I like them.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing compared to the waterfall of crooked money that cascades upon certain city council members from developers who constantly are buying them off!

(Hint: M.K.; C.Q. to name just two).

Anonymous said...

First we had "The Gates" looking like a bunch of pleated elastic waisted orange boxer shorts hung out to dry in Central Park.

And now we've got
"The Great Wall of Urine"
trying to upstage Roebling's wonder while killing the trees !

What stupid idea is gonna tumble out of your noggin next
Mayor Dumb-berg?

As if the big apple didn't have enough worthier sites to see!

(Maybe Terri Osborne was
Der Mayor's consultant on this).

Anonymous said...

I have a pretty wide appreciation for art. However I always felt that these "waterfalls" were gimmicky and never appeared complete.

You can't just pump water to the top of a scaffold, dump it over the edge and call it something other than what it is: water pumped to a scaffold and dumped over the edge.