Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shades of Kitty Genovese 44 years later

Stabbing victim's cries for help ignored
Associated Press

New York City investigators wonder why neighbors waited more than a half hour before calling police after hearing the screams for help from a woman who was stabbed to death at a Queens apartment.

Police found Ebony Garcia, 21, lying in a pool of blood at about 2:10 a.m Saturday. She was stabbed about a dozen times and died two hours later at a local hospital.

Witnesses say neighbors ignored the woman's screams for more than 30 minutes before someone called the police. One neighbor said she ignored the cries because she thought the victim had been drinking.

Police want to question Garcia's boyfriend, Segundo Penafiel, 25, of Corona, against whom she had obtained a restraining order.


Anonymous said...

it's terrible that she died in such a horribly gruesome way but i gotta say that i'm relieved that she won't be around to squeeze out any more welfare babies.

Anonymous said...

I hear women screaming on the street pretty much every weekend night, especially in the warmer weather. It is usually some drunk or some kids fooling around. Last weekend, I heard some girl screaming over and over, "Oh my God, stop, help" etc etc. I finally looked out and it became immediately obvious that it was a group of kids, male and female goofing around. So much for crying wolf.

RM said...

Ebony was an amazing person. She left behind a beautiful baby girl, who has not and never will know what life is like to be on Welfare. If people hear someone crying for help, they should call the police. It does not matter if the person is drunk or playing around. We depend on the police to protect, this is what they get paid for. To investigate! To keep us safe! If people do not have anything positive to say, then at least give the family the respect to keep their comments to theirself.
Ebony will be dearly missed.
RIP 8.23.08

Anonymous said...

To: "Anonymous Said"

To have said something like what you said, can only tell me how much of an ignorant person you are. You have to be a person of that other race. Only an idiot born an idiot and of that other race, can be as ignorant as you are. You better hope that you or anyone in your family never experiences this tragic incident. Shame on you, you stupid, ignorant person.

Oh, and that second comment made no doubt by the same idiot, perhaps the female or women you heard screaming on the street was someone that gave birth to you.

From Someone a lot smarter than you. Anonymous Answered

Anonymous said...

fuck u ppl who comentg thingson ppl u dont know! i was her friened i knew her for 3 yrs when she lived in miami its ppl like u who have nolifes that are the simple uslessness of the universe!!!!!!!!!! ppl like u deserve to die not ebony!!! and anyone who doesnt lkike wfrite me ....look me up up myspace...name caridadlourdes fernandez