Sunday, August 31, 2008

The smell of cancer in the air, continued

Isn't it great that the former industrial areas of LIC are being converted into a "vibrant" residential community? (Notice that "diverse" is a word that's never used to describe this nabe...) So what if it's toxic?

There seems to be some continuing issues with the toxic remediation of the remaining portion of the Queens West site at the Hunters Point waterfront. There’s been a growing number of complaints about petroleum-like odors emanating from the site and causing illness in the neighborhood.

If you smell something, say something.

Okay, how about this comment?

The petrol smell is pretty bad at times, the frequency of it occurring varies. Has anyone ever noticed the same smell in the area water supply? For some reason, now and then the water takes on a subtle but noticeable gas scent.

Or this?

I have been getting migraines ever since the remediation began. Sore throat as well.

Not good.

Certainly there can't be any more concurring sentiments...

the entire neighborhood has stunk like gasoline the last week or so. you can smell it as soon as you get off the vernon jackson stop and it worsens as you head toward the remediation sites. not a sulfur smell, its a definite gas / oil smell.

Well, at least there'll be a view you can enjoy before you'll have to start chemo treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Got a flyer saying "5000 apartments are being built in your community - support us and make them afforadable."

5000 what! are they nuts! they are not even from my neighborhood!

Where are my elected officials? Where is my community board? Is Ackerman's newspaper going to cover this outrage?

Anonymous said...

For God's sake, don't buy in LIC! If you so much want to live in the damn area, rent and see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Where is Team Gioia?

Anonymous said...

Where is Team Gioia?

Over at Queensbridge making sure they are happy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your plight will be covered by New York Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Hey Columbia Students! This is a good story.

Write a few like this and they will ban you kids going out unchaperoned.

Anonymous said...

I just had the pleasure of seeing that idiotic developer blog LIQcity, and was glad to see Queens Crapper had commented about the Irish pub that was forced out.I live in Astoria and bike through there often but im not stopping anymore to have a few on Friday if there pushing out that pub and god knows what next.Only a few more years for the Recycle a bicycle place before that turns into a doomberg glass condo mess.
The comments on that LIQ blog were real rude and some were just brokers or other developer rats causing a stir with their pro new LIC little comments.These newbie Hunters Point condo dwellers need to learn some manners real quick.Good comments crapper on their site.

Anonymous said...

So what do those affordable housing groups have to say about putting brown skinned people in brown fields?


Anonymous said...

This is nothing new in LIC. I worked new swingline on 47th Ave and 34th Street for years in the summer there was a sulfer smell wafting about that just hung in the air.

I suspect it was those little creeks 1/2 mi away that got stirred up periodically.

Note that there were many manufacturing plants that used powerful solvents that leeched into the ground for years. Sometimes the ground on those properties years later were disturbed. Many folks who worked in LIC are sick today. Only buy a condo on a high floor and never open your window!

Anonymous said...

Surplus apartments for sale at bargain prices in Queens West.

Located along asthma alley on cancer creek!

Anonymous said...

The legacy of Bloomberg -

Mayor Cancer

Anonymous said...

"Commissar Cancer"
has a better ring to it.