Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Newtown Creek to be tested for Superfund eligibility

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to “develop a sampling plan” that could lead to Newtown Creek’s being named a federal Superfund site, a designation that could accelerate long-stalled cleanup efforts in the polluted, oil-slicked 3.5-mile estuary between Queens and Brooklyn.

E.P.A. Will Review Pollution at Newtown Creek

If the tests turn up a significant level of chemicals and other hazardous waste, the site could be eligible for millions of dollars in federal assistance. A Superfund designation would also allow the agency to go after the companies responsible for the contamination.


Anonymous said...

Great place for housing, eh?

Brownfields for the brown skins.

Anonymous said...

The new crop of Upper east side rich 20 something drones come to breath in the fine air of newtown from the green condo monster that lived by the pulaski.Its a grade B horror movie im working on starring a large cast of dolts.

Anonymous said...

Is any of that money really gonna dig in the creek and clean out the oil that caused lots of quiet cancer in Greenpoint and LIC? Or is it going for PR as to why the oil co. shouldnt dig it up?
Kinda like General Electric with PCB's in the Hudson river.