Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brooklyn beating victim can't find justice


An elderly civil engineer allegedly beaten by a man for taking photos of a Brooklyn construction site is still waiting for his day in court - three years later.

"I'm discouraged and I'm disgusted," said Harold Weinberg, 70, the victim of the 2005 assault. "They're thinking maybe I'll drop dead in the meantime."

The dustup between the Orthodox victim and the Hasidic suspect took place while Weinberg was taking pictures in Borough Park, where neighbors complained that construction was damaging their property.

The accused attacker, construction manager Isidor Farkas, "came after me with fists flailing, scoring direct hit after direct hit," Weinberg said, adding that Farkas also stole his $500 camera.

Police sources said Farkas was caught with the camera, but papers filed by cops show that Weinberg didn't report stolen property - a discrepancy he characterized as a mistake. The Brooklyn DA later added a robbery charge.

Cops also lost the recording of a witness' 911 call, and Farkas' lawyers kept delaying.

Then the judge tossed out the robbery charge, ruling that prosecutors waited too long to add it. The case is on hold.


Unknown said...

Try to contact who ever is trying to get re-voted into office. They may want some free press before elections and some brownie points.

Anonymous said...

Dumb out of uniform cops, the beat the S--- out of a guy in Flushing Corona Park.

Old guy was taking night photos of the Unisphere fountains at sundown.
He thought he was being robbed and resisted confiscation of his tripod.

Apparently to use anything the want to call "pofessional equipment" you must be on a verified “pro Bloomberg mob” press assignment to even think about being granted.

However anybody can fill out the request form and pay the processing fee for te request .

No doubt Helen Marshall and Estelle Cooper didnt like some blog and photo proof posted on Queens Crap and went crying to the Mayor.

The same thing happend on the 1964 World Fair board. The old geezers, a women with a 17 year old daughter had a Sunday in the park meet and were stormed by NO JOKE 9-12 police cars.

Forgotten NY may be next on the hitlist.
The Mayor is pissed. Wants everything older the 40 years dead and buried...not remembered !