Monday, August 25, 2008

Bloomberg dozes at memorial ceremony

A female friend of Graffagnino’s family nudged this reporter during the speeches and gestured toward Bloomberg, who sat facing the rows of family membeers.

“He’s sleeping!” the woman whispered indignantly.

And, indeed, Bloomberg did appear to have briefly dozed off. His chin was angled toward his chest, listing to the side. His eyes were closed. The friend, who did not want to give her name, said Bloomberg had been nodding off throughout the ceremony. A freelance photographer also noticed Bloomberg’s catnap, which she said lasted for about 15 seconds. A round of applause soon startled him to his feet.

Jason Post, a Bloomberg spokesperson, said Bloomberg was not asleep.

“It’s a little strange,” the Graffagnino friend later said of the ceremony, “what with city being at such fault for what happened…. And then to have the mayor sleeping during it, that’s…”


“Quite,” she said.

Deutsche firefighters remembered at memorial ceremony


Anonymous said...

Yes Im sure he was sleeping because he didnt care about properly taking care of that building or safe cranes in Manhattan twice.Im sure the only people who will say he wasnt sleeping will be some ignorant rich Manhattan sheepish bloomberg supporters.I suppose he couldnt make any money off the event so he didnt care.What a slime ball.

Anonymous said...

“I can tell you in my heart of hearts, I don’t believe anybody deliberately did anything to make that building less safe,” Bloomberg told reporters later on Monday. “Were they derelict in their duty? Only time will tell. In retrospect, obviously one could have done more.”
Yeah one like YOU could have done a hell of a lot more to make sure things are correct in that building instead of a complete mess and bad labor.God id love to hear what the firefighters have to say about this corrupt little self serving billionaire who should be held accountable for this building oversight in many different ways.Obviously your shifting blame again little mayor.Smug corrupt ass.

Anonymous said...

Just one more demonstration of the Commissar's impudence.

His greedy negligence caused the deaths. And then he says to the family: Go shit in your hats.

He has bottomless depravity.

Anonymous said...

He should be SO embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

He had better hope his wallet wasn't lifted while he was asleep by one of the land pirates sitting around him.

Anonymous said...

Better to have not attended the funeral than to fall asleep during the wake.

Anonymous said...

What a disrepectful act this was.Napolean needs a wittle nap.Doesnt he have properties all over where he might take a nap like on the upper east side? No excuse for that unless your 90 years old, but im sure his dense supporters will make some crap up.Im to the left and cant stand this phoney.

Anonymous said...

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Bloomberg dozes while NYC is being bulldozed.

What a disrespectful dork!

Anonymous said...