Friday, August 29, 2008

Who pilfered blast victims' belongings?

Cops are investigating whether looters swiped or trashed valuables from a Flushing apartment building last month after a horrific explosion forced tenants out, authorities said.

Residents of 147-25 Sanford Ave. contend family heirlooms went missing in the days after the July 25 blast, which left a dad and his 22-month-old daughter in critical condition and injured 15 other people.

Police are looking into three claims but haven't identified suspects, an NYPD source said. Meanwhile, FDNY spokesman Jim Long added there were no reports of New York's Bravest lifting items from the scene.

City Department of Investigation spokeswoman Diane Struzzi would only confirm the agency is "aware of the matter."

Only cops, firefighters, Con Ed workers and workers for two private cleaning firms - Service Master and A. Sarah - had access to the apartments following the explosion, said landlord David Pace.

Cops look into claims of looting after building blast


Anonymous said...

Same sh*t with Katrina.

The Nation Guard and cops removed all the people with food, water and protection at gunpoint and let the armed criminals loot and rape everthing in sight.

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Anonymous said...

First responders can often be among the later looters showing up for post inspections of the damage.

Who's going to complain for fear of retribution ?

maybe the city's bravest/burglars.