Saturday, August 23, 2008

DOT wastes time doing studies

In 2001, Tony Nunziato, a current candidate for assemblyman, helped to formulate a plan called the “Maspeth Bypass,” that would redirect trucks to Maurice Avenue instead of Grand Avenue.

Under the plan, which was reportedly pitched several times to city officials, the truck traffic would be redirected to the outskirts of the neighborhood through its industrial corridors.

City Ignores Truck Traffic In Queens

At a city council hearing in 2006, then-Department of Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall said her agency was committed to solving the problem, saying the goal was to have something finalized by that summer.

Two years later, a DOT spokesperson said the agency is working on a plan but adds that more studies are needed.

"In order to identify the best ways to reduce truck congestion in the Maspeth area and to identify the capital improvements needed for a bypass to be successful, we intend to begin an engineering study soon,” said the spokesperson. “This study is a recommendation made during a previous review of the area."

Fed up with the city's response, some residents said they can't wait for any more studies and they are planning to take matters into their own hands.


Anonymous said...

I like the trucks. it shows we have a vibrant, humming economy. As a bonus, when the trucks avoid the BQE, it means less commuting time for me when I eat in Greenpoint or Williamsburgh.

Anonymous said...

The trucks aren't what's bad. It's where they're allowed to drive.

Anonymous said...

This impudent, corrupt, depraved Commissar needs to be taught a lesson in civics.

Let's organize several days of stopped traffic in Maspeth.

Let's repeat the lesson until the moron understands that it is the citizens who run the show, not his cronies.

We want the trucks rerouted. Let's make it happen.

Anonymous said...

"Let's organize several days of stopped traffic in Maspeth."

Maspeth is NYC's butt hole. Go ahead and protest -- I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I think South Ozone Park or Hunts Point are definitely in competition for the the butthole award.

Daring them to protest? Don't get your anger or your point.

Question: If they do protest, how will it be known that the truck traffic was shut down because of it and not due to it being just another regular day on Grand Avenue?

Anonymous said...

DOT can waste time closing streets so bikers can have their jollies but can't get trucks off streets in residential neighborhoods?

Shows you what their priorities are.

Anonymous said...

The only asshole here is Vinod.

Anonymous said...

"The only asshole here is Vinod."

Vinod is aRussian name spelled backward for "MORON".

Anonymous said...

Why do something cheaply. You have study after study until the right hack shows up and gives you results that your polticially connected friends want.

Remember, how we define 'to tweed?'

Making money with honest graft and unlimited access to taxpayer monies are two pillars of the three pillar of the machine.

Anonymous said...

DOT can waste time closing streets so bikers can have their jollies but can't get trucks off streets in residential neighborhoods?

Good point. Maybe our friends at TA can answer this?

They are so rabid, one of them can come out of the woodwork.