Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jamaica Avenue bike shop celebrates 90 years

It was August 1918 when Sicilian immigrant Salvatore "Sam" Bellitte decided to open a bicycle shop in Jamaica, Queens on what was once Fulton Street, now Jamaica Avenue.

"It was a very inexpensive means of transportation,” said Sal Bellitte, Sam Bellitte’s grandson. “Wonderful for New York City, and I believe he had the foresight to see that."

Now, 90 years later, the shop is still in the same spot and is still run by the Bellitte Family.

Queens Bicycle Shop Still Popular After 90 Years


Anonymous said...

You gotta love Sicilians!:)

Anonymous said...

Yes...even the mob-related ones.

Anonymous said...

bought me first bike there in the early 60s. Amazing they are still in business.

Unknown said...

Bought my two bikes there, what a friendly place!

Unknown said...

I live only 3 blocks away from here and it is a wonderful place. My parents got me and my twin brother's first bikes there.