Monday, August 25, 2008

Quinn wants to stop developer harrassment of tenants


It's time to go after landlords who prey on vulnerable tenants, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn demanded yesterday after The Post reported a state employee had been charged with selling lists of rent-stabilized tenants to builders.

The employee, Keith James, 53, was arrested Aug. 12 on charges of illegally accessing computer records and giving out names of rent-stabilized tenants to developers.

Builders often target facilities with fewer or older rent-regulated tenants because those buildings are cheaper to redevelop.

"We have to find out who these names and lists were sold to, and those individuals should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law," an outraged Quinn said.

"Clearly, they didn't want this list to send these people holiday cards. They wanted this list to force people out of their homes."

Such behavior demonstrates the need for a newly passed law that bars harassment of tenants by landlords, Quinn said.

"If they didn't have someone to sell the list to they wouldn't have a currency for this," Quinn said.

Additional reporting by Kathianne Boniello


Anonymous said...

No she doesn't. She's bought by Landlords and is only saying this to preserve what little tenant credentials she has left. Of course she's sucking up to Acorn and Working Families Party ... both in bed with developers and landlords.

Any one who thinks Quinn wants to help tenants only need look at her campaign contributions, who she hugged the moment she was sworn in (the Landlord Lobbyist) and who she put in charge of the Housing Committee (Dilan, owned by landlords).

Anonymous said...

I've worked with Quinn for at least 10 years as a fellow tenant activist. She is one of the very few elected officials that have actively worked for us. The landlords have heavily contributed to every candidate because they
are very worried they will lose their control in Albany.

It's our system that makes it nessessary to get contributions in the first place. NO MONEY YOU DON'T GET ELECTED.

You have no idea how important the harrassment law is. We are being threatened every day by our landlord and his employees (punks). Life has become hell.

But I'm sure you are one of many who don't give a damn. It's just me, me, or I, I.

Anonymous said...

Instead of being outraged that an employee of DHCR stole confidential information (our names and addresses) and sold it to developers to use to harrass us, you go after someone who is trying to stop it.

No wonder there is so many siffering from depression.

Anonymous said...

Quinn is just trying to slip into her sheep's costume to cover up her real identity as a ravenous wolf!

She'll bite off your ass any day
if it serves to benefit any of her landlord/real estate/developer campaign contributing comrades!

We're all wise to you honey.

Go back to flashing.
(Wasn't it in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral)?

Anonymous said...

You worked with Quinn?

As a "top" or a "bottom" ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Quinn fathered Katz's new babe.

Keeping it all within the council,
so to speak!

Anonymous said...

Why do idiots always have the biggest mouths?

Anonymous said...

So you just first noticed that NYC's greedy developer breed have the biggest mouths ?

What took you so long?

They're the prime idiots in the long run !

And wave #2 of the sub prime mortgage meltdown is about to prove that in spades!

The fallout from this has already hit some "top" moron!