Friday, August 29, 2008

Closed Catholic school new to the drama

From the Forum West:

With the support of the surrounding community, Terranova acquired space in one of vacant buildings on the Holy Cross Catholic School campus on 61st Street - which closed in 2005 along with a number of other Queens parochial schools - and applied to become a non-profit organization.

“Ms. Rose’s 2B Named Drama School” as it is being called in the interim, was certified as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization with the goal of involving children in all aspects of performance art, including behind the scenes work and on-stage, to develop leadership, cooperation and teamwork skills.

The after school program for students ages 7 to 17 consists of 10-week trimesters, with weekly classes and courses including character development, the importance of costume and make-up, set design, lighting and sound, and the role of stage manager. Students will also have the chance to show off what they’ve learned to family and friends at two performances - one holiday show and one at the end of the year.

Ms. Rose’s 2B Named Drama School is at 56-01 61st Street in Maspeth. For details, call (718) 326-2467 or log on to Registration for fall courses ends the first week of September.


Anonymous said...

If the Catholic Church would let priests and nuns marry they would not have so many problems.

They subject the kids to Gay’s priests and nuns then hide them and do payola when the cops show up.

No parent wants that!!

I went to Catholic school (St Leonard’s) on Melrose Street and Wilson ave.

The Priests were all drunks possibly involved with organized crime. However at that time it was the nuns that worked with the kids and they were WORSE !!!
All crazed 50 year old + lesbians with the cardbord hats and robes who liked to beat kids with sticks.

They punched me in the eye & pushed me down a flight of stairs then tried to beat me with sticks for kissing a girl for her birthday (it’s an Italian thing). I had to jump out a window to get away and ran to my grandfather who worked at the local 83rd PCT.
20 other kids came forward about the beatings (some were children of mobsters)
The next day the school was closed, the church had hid every one of those mother F-r criminals.

A friend of mine screenwrote a movie "Heaven Help Us" about this hell hall. However to get $$ backing to make the movie the script had to be reworked to portrays an all boy school with 1 crazy teacher.

I was at the shooting down by Coney Island hanging with Mary Stuart Masterson Kevin Dillon and Malcolm Danare.
Riding bumper cars, looking at the Andria Dorias safe in some tank. I told telling them some of the real shit that went on they couldnt put in the movie.

Actor Vincent Schiavelli R.I.P was a friend of my family. He used to teach many of the Irish brides of Bushwick how to cook Italian for there husbands.

Hell of a nice guy, all the black kids and Puerto Rickins who liked to steal our bicycles, marbles and money cars were scaird to death of Vincent and some other "men" that lived on our block.
They kept clear of our block.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Joe, priests and nuns should marry and they won't be so damn bitter and frustrated. But not all are nasty. Some nuns and priests are really sweet.
My grammar school principal however, Sister Patricia, was a complete psycho who should never been allowed near children. I heard the pastor there at St. Mel's is a nutcase as well. It IS probably all about being frustrated. Pope Benedict, let them marry already!

Oh, and about kissing a girl for her birthday being an italian thing....I don't know about that.

It seems Joe lived on a very good block. Wish my neighbors were that interesting. The most interesting stuff that would happen on my block was the sewers backing up during a storm and everyone coming out and actually talking to each other for a change.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and about kissing a girl for her birthday being an italian thing....

Yea. but not on the lips.
On Birthdays and Easter you gave these little white net bags suger coated almonds, and a card with money inside.
I lived on Dekalb between Myrtle & Evergreen (the only house that had a tree 1289)

My Grandparents lived on George and Knickerbocker. (another very safe place pre immigration act of 1965)
Was an old guys alway's on the corner by the fish store (Knickerbocker & George)in a white suite and hat Everbody said hello to him.
On day some ass kept lighting up his tires in some red convertable going around the street & 60MPH making a RACKET.

He blew off repeated-warnings to stop.
These guys came out of nowhere, lifted him out of his car, beat the hell out of him and threw in in the back seat.
We heard He looked like a ball of chopped meat and hair ...but nobody saw it.

---Yes it was very safe in the .

Anonymous said...

joe sounds like the kinda guy i would like to have a beer with

Anonymous said...

Likley on Knickerbocker ave or in Greenpont especially if they have good Grappa or Sambuca

The way the "ring of fallout" and democrats is hitting Queens and Long Island I may as well move back !

Same shit for 1/4 the cost of living....walk or L train to the city

I love to buy and restore one of them old gasoline siding 1920's houses with the tar beach and roof hall like the Ratman of Greenpoint has.

Great Kielbasa and free HD TV reception direct from the Empire State building and Armstrong Tower.

You can even sniff open Wifi every 100 feet, dont need no car

Anonymous said...

I experienced the same sort of stuff at St. Stans in Maspeth, They had to get rid of a priest 5years ago because he was a child raper. Sent on to another parish to continue his nefarious acts on children. Only now do i realize that MY GOD would never FORGIVE this kind of behaviour.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame they never purged Our Lady of Hope properly. And that goes all the way to the 1960s.

Anonymous said...

Your probably dead on about Hope my friend says he was hit on by a nun when he was a 8th grader there, about 30 years ago, but he didnt get the drift when he was getting special lessons in her room, so she got rid of him and moved on to more docile prey.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I live around the corner from Holy Cross and have never seen any thing writen about this school in their bulletin or nor have any of my neighbors heard about this school. So when you say Father Peter had the backing of the neighboorhood - I dont think so, people I have spoken to dont know anything about it. What school? They ask... None of the local children have been asked to join. So exactly who are the students of this school going to be if it is not neighborhood children???

Queens Crapper said...

Whoever pays for it.

Anonymous said...

From the website:

SPECIAL discount for members of Holy Cross Parish Family
SPECIAL discount for members and their families of Local 2222/AFGE

Anonymous said...

Holy Cross School was an outstanding school. Sadly, it was closed not because of Fr. Peter or Bishop Dimarzio, it was closed because of more than half of the students parents that lied and didn't pay their tution. Those parents had at least 2 houses and new cars and they claimed they couldn't pay the tution for school, because they were to poor. Because of them, they were to shelfish to point fingers at themselves, but blamed those who don't deserve it. So next time, think before you act. You should only blame yourselves.