Saturday, August 23, 2008

BSA rejects antenna renewal at North Shore Towers

The NYC Board of Standards and Appeals at their last meeting rejected the application by Continental Communications to renew its permit for ~300 cell antennas at North Shore Towers, a large apartment/co-op complex in the Floral Park area of eastern Queens.

The board rejected the application because the board of North Shore Towers revoked its approval pending the results of tests that will be conducted next month to determine the effects the antennas are having on health and safety.

As you can see from the above photo of the roof of one of the buildings, there are quite a number of antennas along the edges of the roof (look for vertical lines).

Litigation will likely now be the result as Continental stands to lose millions of dollars. NST receives $120,000 from the company for permission to post the antennas on their building roofs.

This many antennas may also represent a breach of contractual limitations. Pressure should be put on Greenthal Management, who manages the complex, to keep track of the antenna count in the event that it is deemed excessive.

The tanks that supply the co-op's drinking water are located inside the bulkheads, which have all kinds of accessory equipment strapped to them in addition to a collection of antennas. Might residents here be drinking irradiated water and could that be a contributing factor to the high cancer rates found in the area?

And let's not forget that the presence of antennas and other pieces of equipment surely will lower the value of penthouse and high floor apartments should adverse health effects be discovered.


Anonymous said...

"drinking irradiated water" hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m....what about eating i-r-r-r-r-adiated food?
(Never mind the genetically altered crops like franken-berries etc.).

Get out that old geiger counter.

Does Radio Shack sell 'em?

Our sick society's priorities are making us all sicker.

BUT the pharmaceutical/medical complex benefits from that too....doesn't it?

Making money off of us from both ends... coming and going!

Maybe it's time for science to produce a genetically altered strain of people in order for them to be able to cope with our new technological assaults on the human body!

Anonymous said...

Good for them! I am glad that some people are paying attention to the dangers of this technology. Here is an interesting post about the subject:

I have one of the smog detectors talked about and I drive through Queens and can hear where the antenna banks are located! The problem is that people are becoming addicted to this wireless technology and I find many willing to suffer health consequences rather than do without their precious devices. However, the transmission towers are proliferating with little resistance. This news is a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

help my water is irradiated!!! We are all going to die....hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and laugh but irradiated food does cause cancer, and food is usually at least 85% water.

KG2V said...

"Go ahead and laugh but irradiated food does cause cancer, and food is usually at least 85% water."

Provide scientific proof please?

Anonymous said...

Start with this:
FDA, USDA Officials Dismiss Citizens' Concerns About Irradiated Food at Symposium

Anonymous said...

While some are discussing the dangers of irradiated food and water...what about irradiated people? Why aren't more people discussing the dangers of this technology? By the way, it is the makers of these wireless products that are producing the studies that are assuring their safety. Nothing wrong there, eh?

However, if you search online, you will find that many of this research is flawed and that there are dangers inherent in living or spending a lot of time in close proximity to transmission equipment as well as our personal cell phones and other wireless equipment. The person laughing will see that he or she who laughs last,lasts best. Unfortunately, cancer and other health conditions are no laughing matter!!!

Anonymous said...

the micro wave ant are one thing but I bet 90% of the rest of those antennas transmit less than 100 watts rf and they are not broadcast ant so they are transmitting 15 minutes at most an hour if that

Anonymous said...

High cancer rates?

Why don't they check the well water they use to irrigate their own private golf course?

When the land between Lakeville Road and New Hyde Park Road, between Marcus Avenue and Union Turnpike was one giant defense plant, they seeped enough toxic crap into the ground to put down the Incredible Hulk.

But at least the new board is at liberty to negotiate a better deal.

Anonymous said...

I am not a scientist but I was just sent a link to this site which might offer some of you technical data:

Anonymous said...

There is s huge difference between RF energy and "Radiation". There is nothing that comes from antennas that is "radiation", like from a nuclear isotope. There is so much fear mongering here it makes me sick! A Geiger counter will not detect RF energy, because it is not nuclear. RF energy is relatively safe and there are rules and regulations that do a good job of protecting the public.