Thursday, August 21, 2008

No more minding their own beeswax

That tall building on the double wide lot at 73-37 Grand Avenue was believed to be an old hotel. For decades, there were grape vines growing in the front yard, giving the place a certain spookiness.

Here's the site today. What can we look forward to here? Store at ground level and 12 apartments. Recreation on the roof and only 6 parking spaces. Yeah, that'll be enough with all the stores along Grand... But wait, do I see a posted paper with red lettering on it? Yes, I do!

Here's the adjacent building that was undermined and vacated. The two buildings on the left are vacant and for sale, but the one between them and the empty lot is actually the location of a division of a successful manufacturer. Well, it was, anyway.


Anonymous said...

So some ugly, dumpy buildings are getting replaced - good news.

Queens Crapper said...

Guess you can't read. They aren't getting replaced. There is a business working out of one of them - that was undermined because of construction at the site next door. The other buildings have been on the market for more than a year.

Anonymous said...

How is this property an R-6 AND an R-4?

Anonymous said...

"so some ugly, dumping buildings are getting replaced- good news."

You betcha!

For example, look at all that wasted space in Greenwich Village and Brooklyn Heights.

Do those people think this is 1850 or what?

Its a new century! New people need to be housed! Stop wasting the city's space on three story buildings where six, ten or higher can go in.

Overturn the landmarks law.

I want the entire city to look like Queens.

Anonymous said...

the warehouses recently sold!!!!

Anonymous said...

How many mexicans will they squeeze into the new building?

Anonymous said...

The preceding really stupid racist comment was written by the Willets Point whiner who comes here every day and posts comments every few minutes in an effort to discredit the blog.