Friday, August 29, 2008

State may close Parkway Hospital by Sept. 30th

The State Health Department is reviewing the latest proposal for revamping services at embattled Parkway Hospital in Forest Hills and hopes to make a decision on the plan early next month, a department spokeswoman said this week.

State mulls service cuts at Parkway

Meanwhile, a Sept. 30 deadline for closing the 251-bed facility remains in place, said spokeswoman Claire Posposil.

In a 2006 report, the Berger Commission - a special panel that evaluated the fiscal condition of health care facilities across the state - recommended that Parkway be closed. The hospital emerged from a three-year bankruptcy in late February.

"We still hope to remain an acute care facility but we presented a restructuring plan to the state in conjunction with the closing plan," said hospital spokesman Fred Stewart.

The plan under consideration would provide for fewer acute care beds. The hospital would divert "some of our space and resources to other types of health care," Stewart explained.

The possibilities include ambulatory surgery, rehabilitation and/or diagnostic services, said the spokesman.


Anonymous said...

Years ago I would have highly recommended Parkway to anyone that needed care. Not any more. I am happy to see this hopsital close. The quality of care as deteriorated so greatly that it has been nicknamed the hospital of death.
Queens Residents have much better hospitals that this and deserve much better care

Unknown said...

2 years ago the "berger" concluded to close the hospital. but they did not know that the hospital pays about $ 20mil a year in taxes and is not supported by tax payers money as most of them! a practical part. in an emergency it is the closest hospital to la guardia. dear anonym i hope one day you flying out of la guardia your plane crashes and there is no hospital nearby or to far away to be of any help