Monday, August 25, 2008

Courier declares Bloomberg to be 'King of Queens'

Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be the keynote speaker and recognized as the “King of Kings” on Thursday, October 2 as The Queens Courier and Queens Business Today hold the first annual “Kings of Queens - A Champions Breakfast Awards and Networking Event.”

Honor Bloomberg at ‘Kings of Queens’ event

During the first annual event, which will be held at Douglaston Manor, Bloomberg will receive the “King of Kings” award. Borough President Helen Marshall will be given the “Queen of Queens” award.

Has Kevin James been notified of this?

Joining the mayor in receiving the unique recognition will be: (insert names of developers, bankers and hospital honchos...Mattone, Hemmerdinger, etc.)

Honorees were selected based on their business leadership, civic mindedness, and philanthropy. The criteria also called for “someone who rises above all others to accomplish his goals in a kind and just manner.”

You mean it's not because they take full page ads out in Vicky's paper?


Anonymous said...

In a kind and just(funny) manner?What a load of crap this arrogant bloomie guy is.I had the chance to hear an excellent program saturday afternoon on WBAI with taxi drivers and the head of the drivers union.One driver mentioned that bloomie wants to make it a law to have hybrid cars on their fleets in a couple of years.But he doesnt mention to the public that the taxi companies cant afford to get whole new fleets, and fails to mention most hybrids are too small for hauling people around.Of course bloomie's not going to pay for it.These drivers had some great stories.
Thanks bloomie for the massive overdevelopment,not taking responsibility for anything including the crane collapses looking smug on tv shifting blame,congestion pricing, and promoting another million people to live here in a city that needs to take care of failing power plants or simply cant handle that many more people.
And to quote someone eles thoughts I totally agree with concerning him running for president:
Let us remember that Mayor Bloomberg helped bring about the national tragedy of Bush’s re-election, and that he’s stated publicly that he’s against a deadline for pulling troops out of Iraq. Both of which put him in the minority of Americans (and probably make him unelectable).

And given his opposition to withdrawal from Iraq, why would anyone think he’ll support an Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied Territories, a necessary step in honestly brokering peace in the Middle East? Do you trust him not to start another war with Iran? We have no idea what his thoughts are on these central issues.
I’ll never forgive him for locking up primarily innocent people who simply wanted to stand in a street and say a loud “No!” to Bush’s re-election and reckless war-making, while Bush got the red carpet and we paid for it through our taxes. Bloomberg helped that happen, no matter how hard he tries to disavow it now for political expediency and his own desire for greater power.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts:

If he's named "King of Kings," doesn't that make him monarch Mike I of Brooklyn?

And wasn't there some other Jewish fellow they dubbed the "King of Kings" away back in the day?

Anonymous said...

Every day it a different spin in the press. Windmills, running for president now it is ending term limits by council thugs.

The press act like Bloombergs puppies and do whatever he wants.

Anonymous said...

The relationship between the clubhouse and press is scandalous.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg should be the King of the World. Look at what he's done to improve the city from where it was 8 years ago!

And who cares what some low life taxi companies think. Hybrids should be the way to go so we all contribute to cut off oil demand and stop funding monarchies and dictators in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Builidng him up so the can take the heat on term limit from city council.

Bayside nursing home biddies (prime tweeder territory) are the mainstay of its readership.

Anonymous said...

????And who cares what some low life taxi companies think. Hybrids should be the way to go so we all contribute to cut off oil demand and stop funding monarchies and dictators in the Middle East.
Nice attitude their kid.Bloomterd is not going to pay for the hybrids or even facilitate in anyway to help a cab company fork over many millions to buy these new cars.The cab companies i heard talking on WBAI are NOT against this idiot, but they are saying bloomies forcing cab co. to buy them.Dont ever take a cab again with your rich snot comments.And you will stand out so shut your damn mouth and listen to what the taxi union has to say about the situation you know nothing about.The cab drivers are more than happy to not have to buy expensive gas but hybrids are not affordable or big enough to haul people in right now.THink asshole and listen to what the drivers have to say.You know working class, hard working people who put up with shits like you.Last time I checked also Israel has a new politician accused of corruption every other day.They have the biggest population of billionaires who have supported the slave labor in Africa for diamonds.In fact a guy on madison in Manhattan is question for his supporting slave labor for his diamonds he sells.

Anonymous said...

There is ONE King of Queens and he's not a ZOG criminal nor lives in a 200milliom $$$ Manhatten penthouse.

People have gone mad !!!
Now these Jew crooks with hands in each others laps are giving each other awards and stay in power forever ?

I hope people throw rocks !!

Anonymous said...

Is Ms. Schnapps still around running her shoddy wedding reception bridal info rag sheet.

"The Courier" certainly ain't no newspaper, even by Queens'weeklies standards!

Oops, my bad.
"Courier" refers to Vicki currying favor with our counterfeit mayor!

Then call it the "CURRY-HER"!

Anonymous said...

Vickie has demonstrated in her own
"newspaper" that she doesn't know her world geography very well
(like which city is in what country) but she can certainly locate Mayor Mike's sphincter in a flash !

Take a little tip from me.
Pucker up a little harder Vickie.
Der Mayor likes it hard!

Anonymous said...

Vickie S. is a legend in her own mind and losing a little more of it each day!