Sunday, August 31, 2008

One rapist off the streets of SE Queens

From yesterday's NY Post:

A thug was arrested yesterday for raping and robbing a teenager in Ozone Park, police said.

Gentle Bonds, 20, approached the young woman as she was walking along 103rd Avenue near 123rd Street.

He forced the 18-year-old victim behind a building and raped her, police said.

Sources said Bonds' parents are correction officers.

Bonds was caught after police received a call on their tip hotline, and he was later identified in a photo lineup.

The victim was listed in stable condition at Queens General Hospital.

According to NY1, he is not suspected in the recent string of rapes in southeastern Queens.


Anonymous said...

Now if we can get that grandmother rapist pervert Dennis Gallagher off the streets our elderly citizens will all be a bit safer. This is another fine mess D.A. Brown got us into.

Anonymous said...

just cut the scumbags pecker off after he's been sodomized a few times in prison.

Anonymous said...

and these shits gets out in the streets just to do it again. they should be shot. tax payer have to feed these low life while they sit behind bar watching cable

Anonymous said...

this asshole will be serving life in prison!!! I am glad!! He did this my sister that a hole... nasty human being!

Unknown said...

people be aware rthat this rapist is on trial right now, at the queens supreme court, hope this mother gets life behind bars. or let him him loose, and we will take care of him. hopefully his parents ARE not protecting his ass in jail, like he did, a year and half ago, when he assaulted another inmate at rikers island, because he hated rapist, WHAT A MOTHER FUCKER UR, RAPIST YOURSELF!!! SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!