Tuesday, August 26, 2008

College Point millstone mystery

There are 2 millstones prominently displayed in front of a house in College Point, across the street from the fire-ravaged First Reformed Church.

Anyone know why they are there or where they are from? Could they have been discarded from one of our Queens windmills?


KG2V said...

Probably old grindstones from Chilton Paint (now gone) - I know the yacht club next door used to have a stack of them from the factory

Anonymous said...

Thanks Crappy!

Anonymous said...

If they had any value the FDNY's bronze theft and personal valuables(as in church bells etc.) division would have already carted them off in the midst of
all that Reformed Church fire confusion!

Take no chances resident.
Chain those millstones down and install some CCTV cameras!

The department might return to pay an inspection call.