Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bloomberg loves boroughs' cheerleaders

The last caller into Michael Bloomberg’s weekly radio appearance with John Gambling this morning asked, more or less, if the city still needs five borough presidents.

Bloomberg defended the borough presidents, calling them effective "cheerleaders." He also said the offices bring a more local perspective to city politics that can be helpful to the mayor and citywide officials.

If it were up to him, the mayor said, "I say keep them.”

Bloomberg Says: Keep the Borough Presidents

We're wasting money to employ "cheerleaders"? Good heavens! That might not be water he's drinking...


Anonymous said...

Cheerleader? Markowitz seems more like Big Bird to me.

Anonymous said...

Time to shut down the beeps.

They serve no function expect pork.

Anonymous said...

We need more "cheerleaders" like
the Shul/Manes team (gag) like Europe needs a repeat of the
"Black Death"!

Under their malevolently crooked administrations, Manes and stooge Shulman milked us all until we were left dry.

This borough is still suffering from that political dark age skillfully manipulated by our current beep/boob Marshal.

Smile for the cameras, Helen.
(She looks so friendly).

Alas, we're still under the clubhouse's thumb and most of the voters are still too brain dead to notice this!

After all, ignorance is bliss!

Quickly, ass me another tray of Petunias to plant or we'll be late for our Theater In The Dark performance.

Anonymous said...

If Queens needs a good cheerleader make sure she's young, attractive, has got big tits and can swing her pom poms!