Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scary Scaranos popping up everywhere

In October of last year, we did a post about a new Scarano building in Elmhurst. Well, what you see in these photos is progress at the site as of a couple of weeks ago.
Curbed recently profiled a Scarano Building with a Scary Name & a Blog. Thankfully, there are no such plans for this one.


Anonymous said...

Is that the new Russian Energia launch complex to replace the shuttle on 09 ?

Has anybody seen the new European designed "Shit Tits" with its catwalks and Megawatts of Blue lighting in Greenpoint?

Anonymous said...

If that fag/chitrool "architect" with
the out of date hairpiece weren't being protected by the mob to build their pretentious "palazzo stu cazzos", he would have been whacked by some civic minded citizen by now.

Ha, ha, just joking...
for we disapprove of any violent solutions even when it comes to Scarano!