Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Signs of hope at cemetery caretaker's house

We held a wake for a cemetery caretaker's house in Maspeth earlier this year, but the house is now showing signs of occupancy. The hedges certainly could use a trim, but there now is an Irish flag hanging from the attic window and cleaning products on the ledges of the 2nd floor windows.

Keep your fingers crossed for this one.


Anonymous said...

Uh Oh...looks like them Irish rentals in Montauk.
The restaurant's import them pack em 3 to a room.
They work on cash tips & get off work 4 AM.

The music, party noise, sex & vomiting behind dumpsters going till 6AM.
Google "Lakeside Montauk"

New studio B employees ?
Perhaps Pinky is re-opening Queenies old joint on Grand.
I can just see it now "Pinkys Pen"
....Keep an eye out for flashing pigs in neon.


Anonymous said...

Why are they hanging another country's flag on the house? Terrible.