Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Protest at CPC Hearing on Willets Point

Willets Point Land and Business Owners Protest Prior to City Planning Commission Hearings on Willets Point

The Willets Point Industry and Realty Association (WPIRA) the group of land and business owners who control more than 53% of the privately held land in Willets Point that the Bloomberg administration wants to seize through eminent domain – will hold a rally and press conference prior to the City Planning Commission hearings on Willets Point on August 13th, 2008. Council Member Hiram Monserrate and other elected officials will speak at the press conference.

Michael B. Gerrard, Esq., partner and head of Arnold & Porter's New York City office and Environmental Law Practice group is one of several experts set to challenge the City's Environmental Impact Study findings. Additionally, Willets Point land and business owners will testify against the City's controversial redevelopment plan.

Don Corace, Author of Government Pirates: The Assault on Private Property Rights--and How We Can Fight It, will speak at the press conference.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tishman Auditorium, NYU Law School, 40 Washington Square South

10 a.m. – 150 Willets Point workers demonstrate outside 40 Washington Square South

10:30 a.m. -- Press Conference

Noon – Approximate time of Willets Point public hearings


Media Contact: Patricia Jones


Anonymous said...

Hope it doesn't rain that day.

Anonymous said...

Go after the jugular, boys! This is war!!

Name names and embaress the hell out of the local talent be it elected officials, community boards, and clubhouse icons ...

if your advisors tell you not to, then that should be a clear signal that they aleady cut a deal behind your backs.

like two opposing lawyers after the case was settled out of court, they will then sit down together for a nice meal paid by your retainers.

Anonymous said...

who is going to fence all the stolen auto parts when these criminals are protesting the shut down of their chop shops and illegal dumping sites?

my guess is threatens rain again and the rats hide in their holes and count their ill gotten gains.

Anonymous said...

now the WPIRA is calling for a delay in teh hearings to have a day all to themselves.. what hypocrisy . . .

the bought and paid for politicians and employees are not dedicated enough to wait during the day for their fair hearing and want to delay delay delay...

i say have the hearing.. see who is dedicated enough to wait around and be heard.. most of the anti WP participants are on the payroll of the WPIRA anyway.. it just costs Fodera and Co a few more dollars.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous! Want to make it interesting? Put up a couple of thousand and when the dust settles the victor gets the moolah! If the poor low life Willets Prntrs win, YOU LOSE. If Bloomberg and Sculman Llc., win..You get the $$$...Interested?

Anonymous said...

You WPIRA guys are spending enough on politicians, publicity, consultants, speakers and paid protesters..

save the money and buy some health insurance for your employees at your new location.

Anonymous said...

"You WPIRA guys are spending enough on politicians, publicity, consultants, speakers and paid protesters"

Yeah, it's only ok when the city pays Parkside with tax money to do the same exact thing!


These scumbags are really grasping at straws. They shot their wad yesterday and now they have nothing but venom left. So sad.

Anonymous said...

im sitting right here WPIRA lackey.. make an argument as to why WP is NOT Blighted rather than resorting to idle threats and name calling.

see ya tomorrow at the CDC Hearing.. be sure to stop by the day laborer site and pick up some extra protesters.

Anonymous said...

of course there is a 30% chance of rain in the forcast which means there is a 60% chance of the paid hacks not showing up..

Anonymous said...

It's usually the city that arranges for hacks at hearings. The unions bus them in and the city calls in favors.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, WPIRA didn't call for delayed hearings. Scott Stringer and Hiram Monseratte did. I have their press release. Apparently, your intent is to twist things around to fit your agenda.

Anonymous said...

right crapper.. and Monseratte isnt bought and paid for by the WPIRA? look at his campaign donations and you'll see his motivations.

Queens Crapper said...


Officials Cite Need for Separate Public Sessions for Lower East Side Rezoning, Hunters Point South and Willets Point

NEW YORK, NY, August 11, 2008 - At a press conference on the steps of City Hall, Manhattan
Borough President Scott Stringer and City Councilman Hiram Monserrate today called on the City Planning Commission to hold stand-alone separate public hearings on three major redevelopment proposals, rather than the single session now planned.

In a letter to Planning Commission Chair Amanda Burden, Stringer voiced concerns about the City's plans to hold a marathon public hearing on August 13 to consider the Lower East Side Rezoning, along with two Queens proposals -- Hunters Point South and Willets Point.

"Each of these projects deserve a full and frank discussion, and that means giving citizens in each
community the time and attention they need to voice their opinions - pro or con," Manhattan Borough
President Scott Stringer said. "The size and potential impact on affected communities and the
City as a whole warrants an individualized public hearing and review process for each proposal."

The three major development projects scheduled to be discussed at the August 13 hearing include: plans for the first major rezoning of the Lower East Side since 1961, a plan covering more than 100 city blocks; Hunter's Point South, a proposed mixed-use housing development covering 30 acres of waterfront property in Long Island City, Queens; and plans to redevelop the Willets Point area of Queens, moving from its current industrial base into retail, hospitality and residential uses.

"Good government demands that we provide our citizens with every opportunity to be heard,''
Councilman Hiram Monserrate said. "By rushing through a process, people's voices are denied. The
City Planning Commission must take its time and hold separate hearings for these major projects. One is
simply not enough."

Stringer added that he recognized that the City's Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) timeline presents challenges, and he expressed sympathy for the scheduling difficulties the Commission faces. He added, however, in his letter to Commission Chair Burden, "By grouping the hearings on these actions together, the Commission risks limiting the amount and quality of public participation for one, or even all three items, by forcing community members to wait for overly long periods of time before being heard. This delay is likely to frustrate community members and may drive away speakers, thereby limiting the breadth of expressed community opinions. Such a consequence is contrary to the spirit of a public hearing."

Queens Crapper said...

And they bought off Stringer, the Manhattan Borough President, too? Wow and you accuse us of conspiracy theories?

Anonymous said...

publish Monterrates campaign donations.. 50% of them come directly from WPIRA members..

do you deny this?

Anonymous said...

How would McShane have known about the press release if not through his job? He needs to be investigated.

Anonymous said...

ever read Crains ????

Daniel Massey wrote and article that Chris linked to..

no black helicopter here.. move on.

Anonymous said...

Eliot BRown at the Observer wrote about it too..


so go back to watching X Files reruns.

Anonymous said...

quit deflecting crapper.. read hirams letter.. its in the observer..

stringer didnt even SIGN THE LETTER>>

Stringer is concerned about the lower east side.. NOT WILLETS POINT

all the other sigs are bought and paid for by NY Acorn

get your facts straight if you want to be a real blogger and not some hack.

Anonymous said...

misprint above.. Hiram receives TWENTY percent of his donations DIRECTLY FROM WPIRA MEMBERS>.

heres the real deal that crapper doesnt want to let anyone see.,





Queens Crapper said...

Ok, so then maybe this was about having fair hearings if 2 different pols involved with 2 different issues are calling for the same thing?

Anonymous said...

So what? There are 29 OTHER council members that are against this plan. You mean to tell me that they have enough dough to buy that many of them? LOL Once again, grasping at straws, buudy boy.

Queens Crapper said...

What if they did buy all these others? Developers have been doing this for years with the blessings of the Campaign Finance Board. These landowners just learned to play the game. Good for them.

Anonymous said...

20% of your campaign contributions for an UNOPPOSED ELECTION is NOT a conspiracy thoery.. it is a FACT and proved Hiram is squarely in the pockets of Fodera, Tulley Andizzone and the rest of the Willets POint Industry and REALTY Association..

why is it a realty association?? because these landowners think there is a pot of gold at the bottom of the toxic polluted swamp marshland ash dump they have built their businesses on.

Queens Crapper said...

He wasn't unopposed until Sabini was appointed to the wagering board and decided not to run. You obviously haven't been paying very close attention.

Anonymous said...

NY Acorn has organized the 29 signatures on Hiram's letter..

NY ACorn is pushing for a larger percentage of affordable housing in the WP plan.. once Bloomie gives in and gives them a larger percentage of affordable housing NY Acorn will get on board and the tin shacks will start to fall..

Anonymous said...

i pay closer attention than 99% of the others on this thread..

facts we've learned today

1. WPIRA has bough Hiram to the tune of 20% of his campaign contributions

2. Hiram is running unopposed for State Senate after he is term limited out of Cityt Council

3. Acorn is mobilizing the opposition to the WP Plan based on their desire for a larger affordable housing allocation

Anonymous said...

4. Singer is NOT Opposed to the Willets Point plan evidenced by his lack of a signature on Hiram's threat letter to the CDC

Anonymous said...

4 - This was a letter from city council members saying they were not voting in favor. Stringer is a borough president of an entirely different borough and has no say in the matter. Please learn NYC Civics before you comment again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ACORN's behind everything. That's why one of the stipulations is about no eminent domain.

LOL Keep writing, this is entertaining.

Anonymous said...

ACORN is concerned with low to moderate income housing.. They could care less about how they get it

Your comment makes no sense.. The ED provision is paid for and brought to you by Hirams largest contributors at the WPIRA

Anonymous said...

No your comments make no sense. You are saying that because WPIRA gave Hiram 20% of his campaign contributions, 29 other council members have committed in print against the use of eminent domain. That's just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

Once it's in writing, it's very hard to retract.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they read the poll that said only 14% of residents are in favor of eminent domain for projects involving private interests.

Anonymous said...

the landowners just learned to play the gaMe.. Good for them

The point is crapper -- and I'll explain how as simply as possible--- there is influence peddling on Both sides of the WP debate.... to constantly take this holier than tho attitude that this is about some pie in the sky prinipals is laughable..

The WPIRA wants nothing but to fleece the city for as much as possible in exchange for their blighted land.. To listen to tulley and fodera spout endlessly about their fight for principals is insulting.. They can hang all the signs they want and protest about how they all be in out of business. If they can't operate out of what now is a disgusting cesspool of toxic sludge..

It is my hope they negotiate fairly and move somewhere else so the blight that sits directly across from citifield can be cleaned upand rebuilt into something all new yorkers can be proud to visit..

Anonymous said...

you need tot follo along.... Hiram is bought and paid for by wpira who wants the most scratch for their otherwise useless toxic land..they paid hiram off handsomely for his support... The OTHER 29 names that signed his dopey poorly writen letter were organized by NY ACORN who is soley interested in creating gobs of affordable low income housing..

Anonymous said...

that poll is generic nonsense... Show people picture of willets and ask them if this area is blighted and should be levelled and cleans up and you'll get a compltely diffrent answer

Anonymous said...

quite frankly I'm surprised that even 14% of Americans would respon yes to a generic questio of whether government should b allowed to condemn private businesses in order to turn the land over to private developers

Anonymous said...

watch their videos on wpira.com.. "give us sewers and drainage and we can develop it on our own".. Yeah right..sell out to fed ex or ups for 10x the price... Nice noble motives... Who cares about a little mercury poisoning and toxic sludge .. Help us protect our land...puuu leeeze

Anonymous said...

Someone suggested it the other day. If I were Bloomie I'd round up the DOB (building code violations and condeming), FBI (mob bosses) EPA (polluters), INS (illegal aliens), NYPD (chop shops), NYFD (fire code violations) Labor board (labor violations) and start issuing summons for various violations. You wont need to use emiminent domain. You can clear house by enforcing the existing laws on the books. Let these fools know who is in charge.

Anonymous said...

As Brandon De Wilde
once called out to Alan Ladd in that epic western film:

"Come back Shane".
(We need you now).

And goodbye to Parkside's (or whoever's) Mc Shane!

He's another chunk of phony baloney slapped into our sandwich by the machine pols from Crowley's clubhouse.

This guy has got to be on someone's payroll with all the free time in the world he's got to set up a pro eminent domain abuse website and scope "Queens Crap" all day.

An alternative might be that he's independently wealthy or retired.

(Or maybe the clubhouse bought themselves an on the cheap student/slave who has some computer savvy).

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Patricia Jones???