Friday, August 8, 2008

Pinky's days of beer and ponies

While former City Councilman Dennis Gallagher’s final few months in office were relatively quiet, the Middle Village Republican was busy spending money left in his campaign fund on donations to local groups and pricey meals at a local restaurant.

The disclosure also shows that Gallagher shelled out nearly $3,000 for five meals at O’Neill’s bar and restaurant on 53rd Drive in Maspeth. Those totals included $435 for dinner on March 3, a $382 dinner on March 28 and a $359 lunch on April 4. Finally, on April 18 – his last day on the City Council – Gallagher spent $200 for lunch and $1,512 for dinner.

Gallagher Spent Leftover Campaign Money During Final Months in Office

A spokesperson at the state Board of Elections said that under election laws, the money is not allowed “to be converted for personal use” but can be spent at restaurants if it comes in the course of performing duties as a public official or candidate.

If his last day was April 18th and he had dinner there after work, then he was no longer a public official when he had his last meal, now was he?

Thought it quite funny that it wasn't until after this article came out yesterday that a certain blogger, who was lurking in the shadows for a long time, suddenly resurfaced last night threatening violence and vengeance because QC - which had absolutely nothing to do with this article - should have "let sleeping dogs lie." At least he's actually admitting his maniacal psychosis now...


Anonymous said...

Pinky finally found the time to resume his blogging.

I guess the "Golden Girls" reruns are no longer self gratification fodder.

Anonymous said...

Sure would love to know who the creeps were who dined and drank(?) with him. Same kind who play golf with OJ? O'Neill's should be proud of themselves also.

I'm sure most of us remember our mothers saying "like goes with like". SO TRUE.

How much did he take out for baby presents?

Anonymous said...

"Sleeping Dog"? Sounds more like "The Hair Of The Dog".

Anonymous said...

$3,000 for 5 meals? Wow!
Lap dances are getting rather expensive!

How did this drunken, crooked, psychotic, raping pink bastard ever get to hold public office? all invited him in by voting for him!

and now you same "enlightened" voters brought Como into your homes.

You'd better count the silverware!

Anonymous said...

"$3,000 for 5 meals? Wow!
Lap dances are getting rather expensive"

Lapdance nothing, he's just found a way to funnel that money to his bitch at O'Neills in the form of huge tips. Can't imagine that's legal.

Joe Cimino, aren't you proud of the way Gallagher spent all that money you raised for him?

Lets hear from some of the idiots that attended his big waterfront fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

How about a form of money laundering? There are many, many ways of doing it.

Anonymous said...

How fitting that this perverted rapist should demand that "sleeping dogs lie".

Lie, and lie and lie. The pig just is so unable to ever be honest that he asks the dogs to lie.

Where's the drooling drunk's family? Even they want no part of them. Look for them to change their name to avoid reminding people of their shame.

How true is the story that he's leaking from the pecker? Green, stinky, pus oozing from the pusball?

Found a lawyer to dig you out of your miserable hole, asshole? Try Crapalaga. He's superb. He'll really and truly not betray you. He will likely fuck you, but that will be ordinary incompetence, not treachery.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who doubted that the victim was freightened by thinking he had a gun. Well now he's threatening to drop bombs on people. You get arrested if you say that word anywhere near a plane. Is that legal on the web? If so we do need more laws regulating it.

Anonymous said...

middle village deserves this loser

Anonymous said...

"middle village deserves this loser"

What's the logic here? Once an electorate make a bad choice, they may never correct that by choosing better?

So, your own inability to start a sentence with a capital letter, or capitalize proper names, may never be corrected? From now, until the end of time, you are stuck with that grammatical error?

Or, was your ungrammatical slur intended to be a stupid effort at an insult?

Anonymous said...

you guys gotta come up with a new nickname for him. he doesn't look so pink anymore.

Anonymous said...

He stopped drinking, that's why. Too little, too late.

Anonymous said...

I thought he turned pink when he got angry. Like David Banner turns green.

Anonymous said...

the moderator of this blog's obsession with gallagher has crossed the line into stalking. you got your wish: he's out of office. show some semblance of a social life and drop it already.

"because QC - which had absolutely nothing to do with this article..."

that's hilarious. the moderator of this blog used to be an editor of the forum west.

Anonymous said...

And former editors control papers after they leave?

Anonymous said...

Leave Gallagher alone, he was bounced out of office, he's broke, he's being sued for millions, his wife left him for a brother, and his son switched teams.

Man this guy is so down and out that you have to just let him crawl away.

Anonymous said...

Polish up your chrome dome and give me some head!

I just love bald men.

Anonymous said...

"Pinky" won't ever be gone until there's a stake through his heart