Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New use for street trees

What do we have here? Advertising for a parking lot on a street tree!
Wait, make that both sides of a street tree.
Looks like the poor tree got screwed... Shame on you, Artistic Stitch! If only we had a councilman, I'd get his office right on it.
I suppose since the place is located in a piece of Queens Crap, we shouldn't be surprised.

Fortunately, Crappy didn't get jumped like this NY Times reporter did while photographing illegal signs.


Anonymous said...

can't believe the owner actually used screws to post the sign onto the tree. What the h*ll is the matter with them? Though it wouldn't do any good this should really be reported.

warp10 said...

These issues are enforced by the Sanitation dept. and can be reported using this form:


Also, you can get the digest of codes PDF here:


It shows all the rules that the DSNY enforces.


Anonymous said...

From the link regarding the Times reporter who had been assaulted:

"I’m not inclined to press charges. While my assailant’s actions were frightening, they resulted in part from what he interpreted as provocation: that is, my taking pictures after he had explicitly warned me not to. He did not take my wallet, cash or briefcase; something he could easily have done while I was on the ground. Nor do I recall him using much more force than was needed to wrest the camera from me. He didn’t kick me gratuitously when I was down. He did what he threatened to do, but no more."

Yeah, what a guy! Glad to know the Times is hiring staff with a sense of social decency, ie. total pussies who have no problem taking a public beating and then blaming themselves for it.

Anonymous said...

They're great for hanging politicians from
(heh, heh, heh) !

Anonymous said...

Jake LaCrapa, the stuttering dumbass attorney for that grandmother rapist Dennis Pee Gallagher, lives in a basement apartment at this address.