Friday, March 21, 2008

Dumb pol quote of the week, part 2

Elizabeth Crowley, who lost her City Council bid to Gallagher in 2001, said she would definitely run. The cousin of Congressman Joseph Crowley, and daughter to former City Council members Walter and Mary Crowley, has raised about $80,000 for her campaign.

“That’s one step I have over the the other candidates,” she said.

Queens Pols Scramble To Fill Empty Council Seat

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Anonymous said...

This woman is even too dumb to realize that she has no talent.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Crappy, you and I sure think alike. I just read this quote tonight and sent it someone for a few laughs. It's called an advantage, not a step.

Loose Lizzy needs to get hooked on phonics.

Anonymous said...

I think I now understand her strategy.

She's trying to demonstrate to parents what damage a lack of education will leave.

Then, later on, she will switch to being "bright" (aided by paid consultants), and try to demonstrate to parents that, with a good education, anyone can be a member of the NY City Council.

Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie; we can see right through you if you turn your head. You are so empty-headed that by looking in one ear, we can see clear through out the other.

Try it with a flashlight. The kids will get a big laugh.

Fix those hips, too. You're starting to look like Hillary with those pantsuits.

Anonymous said...

Crappy make a list and publish every developer and lobbyist that donates to her!

Public, now here is your task: write letters to the editor on this asking how this women can address the real concerns of her community with this baggage.

Anonymous said...

This woman constantly makes reference to the fact that she has relatives in public office.

Does she think this makes her qualified for the job...?

I pretty much hate all politicians...even the aspiring ones!

Anonymous said...

"Vote for me, I'm a Crowley!"

How's Francis these days?

Anonymous said...

The empty (pants) suit, Elizabeth Crowley, wants to fill the empty council seat? Geez, now the hookers want to lead.

Anonymous said...

I heard the feds are investigating Crowley's connections to that crook, Brian McLaughlin. After all she was with him for 6 years and had to see something.

Time to come clean Dizzy Lizzy.

Anonymous said...

Great, just what we need to lead us in Glendale, another morally bankrupt politician with sex scandals in their families.

Stay away from ANYONE associated with Crowley and Gallagher.

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Joe Crowley (you're reading this, we know): what did you have to do for Manton to be anointed by him to be the US Rep. in the 9th District? Without a democratically held election for the seat?

The Crowleys are ass-kissers extraordinaire.

Anonymous said...

A Crowley family Dynastie is not to be. A gutsy gal but a pin head. Joe must go - let's get real candidates to run against him!

Anonymous said...

If Joe Crowley endorses Elizabeth then Joe MUST go. If she wins we set our focus on removing Joe as our congressman... this is a promise.

Think twice Joe.

Anonymous said...

Hiram, you can beat the stuttering phony giant. Go for it. You will have help.

Anonymous said...

"POLITICS, n. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage."

Anonymous said...

Crowley shenanigans:

• In July 1998, Congressman Tom Manton said he was retiring and engineered the selection of Joseph Crowley, then an ineffective wallflower assemblyman, to replace him on the Democratic Party line that fall. Manton resigned past the deadline signatures and anoints Crowley to take his place. Crowley is handed the seat over objections from several more qualified Democrats.

• Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin, also head of the Central Labor Council, backs Elizabeth Crowley, a 23-year old mother of two for the City Council. Elizabeth, cousin of Joe, originally announces she is running in Woodside for Walter McCaffrey's vacated seat but the party persuades her to run for the 30th council seat being vacated by Tom Ognibene. In a district that's over 2-1 Democrat and with heavy union and county support, she loses badly to Republican Dennis Gallagher. Reports link her romantically to McLaughlin even though both are married.

• Francis Crowley, cousin of Joe Crowley and brother of Elizabeth is convicted of raping a fellow cadet at the Merchant Marine Academy. The incident took place in 1997.

• 2008: Brian McLaughlin admits to stealing $2 million including thousands from a little league. Reports still link him romantically to Elizabeth Crowley, who is now divorced.

* Elizabeth Crowley announces she is running for Dennis Gallagher's seat after he is accused of raping a 52-year old grandmother in his campaign office above his council district office on the night of July 8, 2007. Gallagher resigns from office after DA Brown, who is linked politically with Joe Crowley, forces him to resign in return for pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of sexual assault with no jail time. Brown originally charged Gallagher with 10-counts or rape and assault.

Interestingly, Elizabeth Crowley's major contributors are unions who still continue to support her despite connections to disgraced union leader and crook, Brian McLaughlin.

Too much to bear? Rest awhile and absorb all of this. More to come.

Anonymous said...

"Reports still link him (McLaughlin) romantically to Elizabeth Crowley, who is now divorced."

C'mon now. Romance? Preliminary constituent services, I say.

Let Crowley get Gallagher's seat. We're used to having taxation without representation for several years now. Why should we start being represented now?

Besides, Crowley needs a practice job - sort of like "starter representation". So, she'll waste money, vote incorrectly, support all the wrong projects.

Four-year olds wreck their toys. It's how they learn. So, let her have a toy job at our expense.

Just don't ever say that she's just a girl. A child. Far too young. Gotta start at some age.

Vote for Crowley! And, vote often!