Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CPC makes street trees mandatory

...the new Section 26-41 of the Zoning Resolution, which was approved on Monday by the City Planning Commission...requires the planting of street trees for new developments, as well as major enlargements and certain conversions of existing buildings. One tree is required for every 25 feet of street frontage.

Street Trees Are No Longer an Optional Accessory


Anonymous said...

"requires the planting of street trees for new developments"

Well ... where is the good news here? In LIC millions of dollars in infrastrucure is being devoted to places that no one lives, but development for the rich ARE PLANNED.

Zero for St Savious and $6 million in a 'greenway' for Vernon?

Mean while, areas the taxpayers live that are funding these things are being ignored. The program of hollowing out Queens continues.

Need more evidence? Take a look a the parks in western Queens. Unless they are along the waterfront, they are falling apart.

Crappie covered these things well.

Anonymous said...

...good point. How about making a playgound/park tree quota, based on square footage.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the new resolution would also require that 1/2 of the front yeard not be paved. This has been a huge problem all over, and hopefully this will be passed. We will no longer have to see these ugly houses with nothing but concrete in front. Instead we will see ugly houses with a little bit of dirt...maybe even grass. And I think it is great that they will now require deveolopers to plant trees. It is a necessity.