Friday, March 21, 2008

He can't be serious

I usually really like AM-NY's Urbanite blog. But someone there sounds really clueless:

The name Flushing Meadows is a bit misleading. However, after a few hours in downtown Flushing I actually could see myself living there, I like a place where you can get dumplings served from a window outside your train stop. Also, I spoke with a 28-year-old woman who said there is plenty of nightlife and she seemed in the know.

Flush about Flushing

Hey, pal, go back and visit again in the summertime and see if you still feel the same after you get a good whiff.

Here are more photos of fab Flushing sent in by a QC fan: My Flushing


Anonymous said...

Flushing a great place to live ?
He must be on crack or needs a new pair of eyeglass!

Spend a year or so paying overinflated rent
and walking around on its 3rd world
overcrowded stinking streets.
Then you can decide if you still feel the same.

As for the "nightlife" certainly exists.

If you want your "bone" serviced,
your body "rubbed" or are into losing
hundreds of dollars in some illegal Chinese
gambling den....then Flushing is for you!

John Liu's office will happily
provide you with a tourist guide
indicating where all these night spots
are located.

(He probably financed his second
run for office by skimming off
a percentage of their proceeds) !

Be sure to ask your masseuse
if she provides "the happy ending"
(it costs extra but the STD comes free) !

Anonymous said...

Writing garbage like this is a diservice to the public.

Flushing used to be a real community that sold first rate merchandise on Main, first rate housing in the surroundig areas, and attracted first rate entertainment.

It is now a third world slum.

Anonymous said...

Guide to writing about a Queens neighborhood:

The latest development project blah blah blah blah wonderful ethnic diversity blah blah blah blah great real estate investment blah blah blah..


Anonymous said...

GUIDE TO READING ABOUT QUEENS COMMUNITIES IN THE PRESS (or how to translate what you read into plain English:

Hey, if the newpapers never write about out of control development, politicans that are little more than third rate crooks ready to sell their communities for a few thou, cronyism and corruption, and overtaxed infrastructure ...

they can at least write real estate puff pieces

and the fiction of a happy (read blank faces)

diverse (read slum)

vibrant (read filthy noisy slum)

community (read transient worker barracks of illegals).

Anonymous said...

And the Staviskys, CB#7, (Myra Herce's)
Downtown Flushing Development Corporation,
Donald Manes, Flushing Chamber of Commerce
helped to make "Flush-town"
the "wonderful" place that it currently is !

Did I leave anyone off the list?

Anonymous said...

After reading what the media writes about when they cover a community in Queens, I can understand how newspapers in third-world places (which is the home of so much of Queens these days) develop the cult of fearless leader.

Sad. This is America for Christ's sake. We deserve, and should demand, better.

When you see crap like this posted, dont ignore it. Tell them they are full of crap.

Anonymous said...

oh my god....articles usually don't put me into a frenzy but listen, i live in flushing (in one of the last remaining "neighborhoods" which location will remain anonymous) and it is the biggest dump this side of northern boulevard. I have never seen a people from whatever country so not assimilate. i mean i dont even buy grocery's in my own damn neighborhood because i have no idea which damn character stands for "place to buy food". the place is more overdeveloped than manhatten. there is no regard for rules of any kind. there is no taste in this new "architecture"
whatesover and the smell...oh jesus the smell.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a people from whatever country so not assimilate


Look, they are profitable for landlords, and provide cheap labor. They are the stuff of the tweeded and make the right campaign donations.

What is your problem?

Read the newspaper. They tell you that these people have made your community a diverse vibrant place rescueing it from its former decayed state.

Oh yes, all hail our glorious leader, Kim il Sung!!!

Anonymous said...

And his brother, Menta-li Il.

Anonymous said...

Flushing a great place to live ?
He must be on crack or needs a new pair of eyeglass!

Ho Ho's that what you find at every turn - dirty and filthy.

Find anthing your 3rd world mentality desires.

Anonymous said...

"I have never seen a people from whatever country so not assimilate"

This is what old Americans have been saying about new Americans for centuries. New York's unenforced English signage law was enacted in the early 1900s because they believed the Italians, Germans, Irish and others would not assimilate and speak English.

The new immigrants in Flushing will eventually speak fluent English, have 1.7 children, white picket fences and die of diabetes because of fast food -- just like you.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr. "Ho Ho"....
clean streets for Flushing are desirable to filthy ones.

And there have been some inspection reports
about a couple of its "restaurants" serving up
some "mystery meat".

I hope you were not referring to Ho Chi Minh
in your Ho-Ho rant.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see C.M. Liu's sopho/moronic
"staffers" are still scoping this site.

My tax dollars are finally going to work for me.

This is the real public opinion
that doesn't make it to the Q. Trib's "letters" section.