Friday, March 21, 2008

This is not a demo

Well, what do we have here?
Looks like someone plans to demolish this house at 55-25 69th Place in Maspeth.
Is that a stop work order on the door? Hmmm...
Geez, they did excavation and everything.
I'm sure this is just all a misunderstanding. It must be an alteration.


Anonymous said...

An alteration?
I think we're living in an "altered state"!

Anonymous said...

A few fines, all taken care of as a cost of doing business.

Where are the polticians complaining about this?

Where are the community board complaing about this?

Where are the newspapers complaining about this?

Where is the preservation community complaining about this?

Giving each other plaques as a tribute to their great jobs at wine events, thats where! That is where the press is. Everything is great!!

Thank you Crap for the fresh air. For you others out there, send this in to Crap!

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! Please dont tear down that lovely building with the faux brick!! I am sure it wasnt taken care of in years before it was sold, but that doesnt matter. Throw some siding on it, pave the lawn and you will blend in perfectly with the other stately houses of maspeth and middle village.

Anonymous said...

No one is crying out for the building to be saved. All we ask is that the appropriate permits be obtained and that public safety be maintained. I guess in your eyes and the owner's eyes it is too much to ask. Hey bud, you do realize that you get a nice big tax writeoff for renovating your house but not for demolishing and building from scratch? You also realize that it costs more for a demo and new building permit than for an alt1 permit, right? I suppose you are in favor of cheating the government out of tens of millions of dollars in tax moneys and that is why the burden is placed on the rest of us to cover the city's tab. I guess it's more important to leave a smarmy comment than to worry about these things.