Friday, March 21, 2008

Sidewalk encroachment

A Bay Terrace homeowner has been ticketed three times in the past month for parking in his own driveway.

“A guy came through two or three times in the same month. He ticketed two of the cars, but not the third, even though the third was over just as much,” said Anthony Scharge, long time Bay Terrace resident.

Homeowners Ticketed For Parking In Own Drive

According to Avella, the Department of Buildings approved a development in the 1960s where few driveways are long enough to park a car, let alone today’s sport utility vehicles.

Avella had negotiated a deal with the city not to ticket homeowners as long as residents have pulled up to their garage, their vehicle doesn’t extend more than six inches over the driveway and it isn’t blocking the sidewalks.

Meanwhile Scharge is left wondering why he’s been targeted and not others.

Scharge and Avella took a brief walk on Saturday around the quiet cul-de-sac, bordered on one side by the Cross Island Parkway and Little Neck Bay, and on the other by high-rise apartment buildings. There were vehicles in violation of the six-inch rule at almost every house.

It's comforting to know that someone somewhere gets ticketed for this. Hey NYC, if you want revenue, come to Maspeth or Middle Village, where people block the entire sidewalk with their cars and force people to walk in the street.


georgetheatheist said...

Or come to Woodside along Northern Boulevard where all the car dealers park their automotive wares on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

here's an idea:
If the homeowners have garages maybe they might park their cars inside them!

Anonymous said...

It was always my understanding that as long as the tires weren't on the sidewalk, there was no problem. I live in a similar area in Queens where the driveways don't fit even regular sized-cars, much less trucks or SUV's (you should see my joke of a garage). However, people here only get tickets if their rear tires are on the sidewalk itself. May be just an understanding with the local precinct... ?

Anonymous said...


maybe they could park their cars in their garages if they werent filled with useless crap that a large percentage of people have today

stop buying crap you do not need

Anonymous said...

Blocking the sidewalk is common in Queens, and, as with other quality of life issues in this boro, perfectly fine as far as the powers that be.

Fighting quality of life issues do not get you elected (the papers really dont cover it and the complainers are ignored) Its a losing situation because you end up looking bad taking up someone's cause and in the process making an enemy.

Its just not important and worthy of their time. What is important?

Why sheparding developer projects through the system.

Taking pictures next to the tweeded.

Giving plaques to other hacks

These are the things that take up all their time.

You see, with an easy grip on the rein, the city governs itself!

Anonymous said...

Spot on about the quality of life points!

The only politican that does this is Avella who, for his troubles, routinely gets belittled.

Even a stupid politician can understand that.

Anonymous said...

I know why this guy is getting ticketed... because people like me are calling 311 when a car is blocking my sidewalk path.
Granted I only usually call if a car actually makes me have to walk into the street to get around.
Too bad your driveway is too short for your car. You knew how long it was when you bought it!

I like 311. I like that you can hold inconsiderate jerks accountable now.
Stupid car owners, stupid dog owners, stupid loud neighbors. I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Screw these people !! (the homeowners)
Most have converted there garages into extra rooms, put ping pong, pool tables.
Some rent to commuters who want to use the LIRR Port Washington line.
These charactors shove 3-6 cars bumper to bumper in the driveway.
This problem is running amuck from Flushing (Especially Bayside) to Manhasset.

Anonymous said...

...and there are also those illegal, garage conversions, come to think of it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they've got too many cars per family.

Keep your big "limo" in the garage
and get tiny a puddle jumper that will fit
in the driveway.

It's about time that we all start considering
what overconsumption is doing to our environment!

And I must admit that I find it hard to sympathize
with spoiled Baysiders and their constant complaining!

Anonymous said...

if you want revenue, come to Maspeth or Middle Village.
People park in your driveway to spend hours visiting someone on the block. IF this issue alone were addressed by the PD the murder rate would go down 10%.

Anonymous said...

Only in America do will fill our garages with worthless crap and park our $20,000 vehicles on the street.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4 -- Read the article -- Avella is the genius who negotiated a deal so that the cars can intrude upon the sidewalk. That's why people belittle him; because he has a sunflower seed-sized brain.

Anonymous said...

Toby "the troll" Stavisky
walks the streets with her "abunda"
following her in the rear.

Why doesn't DOT ticket her fat ass
for sticking out too much ?

Anonymous said...

laws the law.
been on the books for years.