Thursday, March 27, 2008

Advertising con tax jobs is wrong: Avella

Councilman and mayoral hopeful Tony Avella put out a press release today questioning the DOT's timing of posting numerous of congestion pricing-related jobs on its own Web site and Craigslist (as reported by the Staten Island Advance's intrepid Sally Goldenberg) when the pay-to-drive plan has yet to be approved by any legislative body.

Avella Accuses DOT Of Jumping The Congestion Pricing Gun

"In a time when the City is clearly in an economic downturn and the Mayor is forcing agencies across the board to make 3% cuts in their budgets, including the Department of Education, it absurd for DOT to be advertising these employment opportunities that would clearly increase their operating expense,” Avella added. “It is also a disgrace to potentially mislead job applicants that these jobs are real.”


Anonymous said...

Congestion Pricing is Bloomberg's biggest con to date.

It has knee jerk support from people who haven't connected the dots. Framed as a sin tax that only targets NYC residents.

It's a sledge hammer to all traffic supposedly to curb the 5% of total traffic and implies that that 5% is somehow driving in midtown traffic midday for recreation.

Ultimately it creates a slush fund for the mayor while deflecting from the fact that MTA funds have all been diverted to his massive pet projects tied to special interests-- leaving nothing for smaller expansions in routes or capacities that could be useful to the average New Yorker.

The final insult is that commercial traffic will simply pass on their cost to NYC consumers (as always). Double whammy.

As with everything Bloomberg- he's looted the resources of our city for his corporatist elite agenda with total disregard for the residents that live and work here.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Tony Avella is running for mayor, he is so in tune with the needs of New Yorkers and is willing to stand up for to special interest groups and questionable commissioners.