Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rallying for education, housing & work

Immigrant Rally Calls For Improved Working Conditions, Education

NEW YORK -- Immigrants and their supporters staged a march on City Hall Wednesday to call for local reforms and expanded protections for New York’s immigrant community.

Some 1200 people attended the rally, organizers said, including more than 60 various immigrant and advocacy groups. Participants launched the rally in Battery Park and then marched through lower Manhattan to City Hall.

Organizers said they want city officials to take a stronger position on issues affecting immigrants -- including working conditions, housing, and education opportunities for both adults and children.

According to rally organizers, English language learners still have one of the highest high school dropout rates.

Construction-site injuries and fatalities are on the rise, and 75% of those injured are immigrants, advocates said.


Anonymous said...

Call me cynical, but I believe that the "immigrants" doing the protesting were actually Illegal Aliens, and the advocates were those with their snouts in the tax trough.

If these "immigrants" want to improve their government, why not go back home and demand change there? Bring those "advocates" along. Let's see how many tax dollars they can get from that government.

me said...

"If these "immigrants" want to improve their government, why not go back home and demand change there? "

Well, why should "they" go back home and demand change there?? Mexican migration to the United States spiked after NAFTA was implemented. If YOU want "illegals" to stop coming to the U.S. why don't YOU demand change here?? The reason why so many people from Latin America come to the U.S. besides pure geographical reasons happens to be because of unfair trade policies and the structural adjustment programs forced on Latin American governments by institutions located in the U.S. = World Bank, IMF (International Monetary Fund) US department of commerce and so on. Why don't they demand change there?? Because when "they" do - they are often labeled as communists and wack jobs in the US government perpetuate dirty wars in defense of trade - or did we forget Nicaragua, El Salvador and the rest of Central America in the 80's - against "illegal" immigration are ya? First look at the root cause as to why THEY leave. I remember when Chile wanted to "demand change" and on September 11th, 1973 president Salvador Allende was killed with support of the CIA - that is what happens when "THEY" demand change home - what would you do? Migrate in order to feed your children or stay, fight, protest to demand change and then get tortured and perhaps killed for DEMANDING CHANGE? The choice is obvious.

Sal from Ridgewood

Anonymous said...

Sol From Ridgewood - As far as I'm concerned "case closed". Couldn't be stated more clearly and intellgently.