Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chang's Queens ka-ching

...McSam's new non-hotel projects are creeping into the outer boroughs, with a mixed-use site on Queens Boulevard in Woodside and one in Forest Hills.

City records show that "McSam Queens" is the owner of a building at 63-14 Queens Boulevard, which is being developed into a 96-unit condo project measuring more than 172,000 square feet.

Chang's project in Forest Hills involves two condo buildings at 64-34 and 65-06 Grand Central Parkway that were originally being developed by developer Howard Lepow; Massey Knakal brokered a deal to sell them to Chang for $7.3 million in early 2007.

Chang was out of the country and unavailable for interviews.

McSam turns to McCondos


Anonymous said...

Is this the same guy who's involved
in the vicinity of #96 Greenwhich Street
(the former Augustus Hicks Lawrence,
federal style row-house) in a potential hotel project?

H-m-m-m-m....keep a watchful eye!

Anonymous said...

Chang will never sellout the monster place on 63rd Street. All the other big places on Queens Blvd near the Elks Club and across from it, including the crap on Grand Ave, 57th Ave that market to ethnic Chinese are empty - not selling due to the poor value, tiny spartan and cell like space. The construction is paper thin, ugly as heck for huge bucks.

Anonymous said...

that project in forest hills was sitting in limbo for years before he got it going again. I cant say that its any better or worse than the garden apartments that are around the area. I just hope they are realistic in their listing and don't slap the generic "Luxury Condo" label on it.