Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Avella's 'Clean Money, Clean Elections' bill

"In the current partial public funding system, private fundraising is mostly from large, outside donors and bundlers, whereas in under ‘Clean Money, Clean Elections’, private fundraising is strictly limited to small donations from constituents. Under the current system, the playing field isn’t leveled, it’s actually tilted. Whereas, in ‘Clean Money, Clean Elections’ all of the amounts are the same. Under the current system, campaign expenditures more than doubled in the past decade, but under this new system the costs would be controlled. Right now, consultants run campaigns, but under ‘Clean Money, Clean Elections’ the candidates will run the campaign. And finally, under the current system, special interest groups still spend millions on campaigns, but under ‘Clean Money, Clean Elections’, these same special interest groups have no special access or influence.” - Councilman Tony Avella

Avella's bill, which was submitted to the legislative drafting staff on March 10 but has not yet been introduced, would not go into effect until 2010 - a clause he inserted to avoid being accused to trying to pass something that would help his own mayoral bid. - Daily News

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