Monday, March 31, 2008

Paterson cutting MTA budget

Gov. Paterson is taking an ax to the MTA's operating budget, leaving straphangers vulnerable to fare hikes or service cuts in the near future, officials claimed yesterday.

The new governor has proposed cutting $60 million from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's $10 billion budget - leaving a hole in the agency's financial plan big enough to drive a train through, according to lawmakers.



Anonymous said...

I thought the new Guv was finished
with his marital bad patch affairs.

Now he's looking to f--k us all
where it hurts the most!

Never trust a pol
who brandishes a jar of Vaseline
saying it's for your own good!

Anonymous said...

I can already feel my ass burning from an MTA fare hike!

Anonymous said...

I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT THIS GUY WOULD TURN OUT TO BE A F_CKING ASSHOLE! I KNEW FROM THE START THAT HE WOULD TURN AGAINST MASS TRANSIT! This is EXACTLY why I was unhappy to see Spitzer go... He was horrible, but at least he supported mass transit!